Yitian 710: Alibaba develops its first high-performance cloud ARM chip

Alibaba is perhaps best known for owning AliExpress, but it has other business fronts as well. The shift in Chinese consumer habits has led companies to bet on services, and the bet on their own server cloud aims to update the brand’s operational front.

The conglomerate now competes in a market that includes Huawei and Baidu and has developed its own chip to support the digital services portfolio. The company claims to have built the most powerful ARM server chip in the industry, offering 20% ​​more performance than the competition and 50% more energy efficiency.

(Image: Bethany Douin / Pixabay)

It’s called the Yitian 710 and was developed by the PingTouGe subdivision, is molded in a 5 nanometer process, and has 60 billion transistors. Based on the ARMv9 architecture, it is scalable to support up to 128 CPU cores with up to 3.2 GHz.

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Since only a good CPU does not generate any performance, it will be able to work with DDR5 interface memories and additional components via the PCIe 5.0 interface. The latter enables controllers to double the data transfer speed compared to hardware via PCIe 4.0 and reaches 32 GB / s. Fees help machine learning and AI applications work with loads that are often insanely different depending on demand.

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One of the advantages of servers is the need-based scaling of the hardware. To ease this process and reduce bottlenecks, Alibaba Cloud will provide flow control geared towards distribution efficiency, which the company said will significantly reduce queues and task overload.

At this first moment, the Yitian 710 solution will be exclusively available to the Alibaba Group. The conglomerate will use the chip for its own research, storage and processing purposes. The company notes that it continues to work with Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and others to bring home and business products to market.

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