Windows 11: There’s a new update for those who have problems updating!

From time to time Microsoft will release a special update for those who have problems updating their operating system. This has happened a couple of times with Windows 10. However, for those who have problems updating, the update had not yet arrived in Windows 11. However, everything has just changed and it is now possible to download the KB4023057 update.

Windows 11: There’s a new update for those who have problems updating!

Update Windows 11 issues

This is a very important update as it does several important things at the operating system level.

Right from the start, you can reset network settings if problems are detected. On the other hand, it cleans up registry keys that can prevent upgrades from being successfully installed.

In addition, the new update also enables the repair of deactivated or damaged Windows components.

Update Windows 11 issues

But actually this update does a lot more than I mentioned above. It is even able to compress files in the profile folder to free up space. This is the case when there is not enough storage space for new updates.

The other function is to update the base repair.

The new update KB4023057 is being distributed gradually so that it should soon reach all users.

However, this is not the only update available to users.

Microsoft recently confirmed that some apps built into Windows 11 have crashed in the past few days due to an expired certificate. In fact, some apps were affected, including the screenshot tool. Now a fix is ​​on the way for insiders who are registered in the beta channel and also in the release preview. Nevertheless, it is really worthwhile to install the KB5008295 update on Windows 11.

This is the second time Microsoft has released a fix for this problem. A few weeks ago this manufacturer published version KB5006746, which is arriving with version number 22000.282. This update fixed some broken apps, especially at the keyboard level. However, it is optional and must be downloaded manually through Windows Update. It also did not resolve the Capture Tool problem or some Start Menu problems.

Update Windows 11 issues

Now everything is fixed with KB5008295 update. Also the issue of the expired certificate. However, since it’s not available to everyone just yet, you’ll need to join the Windows Insider Program to get your hands on it. If you don’t, you’ll have to wait for the next patch Tuesday or use some tricks to get the system up and running as desired. At least the screenshot tool.

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