Windows 11: there are applications that may no longer work!

Microsoft has officially confirmed two serious problems in Windows 11 that are currently unresolved. The installer may have problems updating or repairing applications right from the start. Needless to say, this can put users in a bad light. Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft Installer (MSI) may have problems repairing or updating applications after installing KB5007215 or later. This affects some popular apps like Kaspersky Antivirus. So there are applications in Windows 11 that suddenly stop working.

Windows 11: there are applications that may no longer work!

However, given the urgency of the problem, Microsoft worked quickly to resolve it. That said, there’s a new version of Windows for Insiders. However, if you haven’t already received it, there is a way to at least get the applications working. To do this, you need to remove the affected application and reinstall it.

Windows 11 works

But that’s not the only problem. There is another one that causes blue screen errors.

This is due to compatibility issues between Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) audio drivers and Windows 11 version 21H1.

Warning Windows 11: This is what causes the terrible blue screen errors!

Intel SST is a digital audio signal processor that works with the latest Intel Core and Intel Atom processors to better handle speech and music. However, those who have these drivers should not use the Media Creation Tool or the Update Now button to update to Windows 11. At least until Microsoft reveals that this is now possible without any problems.

Windows 11 works

However, there may already be a solution to this problem. For this purpose, you should check whether Intel already has a driver available for your system. On many computers, this was addressed by updating the Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers to version and higher or and higher.

Update stopped for users with previous drivers

If you work under Windows 10 and have a version of the driver that can cause problems, you will not be able to switch to Windows 11. So the update is blocked. At least through the automatic update system. When upgrading to drivers that are already working optimally, the option to upgrade to Windows 11 does not appear immediately. In fact, it takes about 48 hours for this to happen.

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