Windows 11: the new media player is here! install now

Microsoft announced that the new media player has reached Windows 11 insiders and especially those who are registered on the dev channel and is in practice a replacement for the current Groove music app.

Windows 11: the new media player is here! install now

The new media player for Windows 11 fits seamlessly into the new operating system, especially in terms of design. It shows our local music collection right from the start.

However, the new media player has a full music library that allows you to quickly browse the songs as well as create and manage playlists. One interesting detail is that the music collection you have in the Groove Music app is automatically migrated to this new app. Another detail is a special reproduction view showing the album cover. We also have a full screen reader and a mini reader.

Windows new media player

In addition to music, Media Player offers full support for browsing, managing and viewing our local video collection. However, Microsoft has optimized this app for accessibility, with improved keyboard shortcuts and other assistive technologies.

Windows new media player

Microsoft will also provide new ways to browse music and video collections in future updates.

However, this isn’t the only news announced by Microsoft today.

Windows 10: The November 2021 update is here!

Unlike Windows 11, there isn’t much new to the November update for Windows 10. At least in terms of design and functionality for the average user. And that even makes sense. Windows 10 is currently more aimed at companies that for whatever reason cannot migrate to Windows 11, or at least not for the time being.

Windows new media player

From the start, support for the WPA3 H2E standard was added for improved Wi-Fi security. Then Windows Hello for Business supports a simpler implementation. There are also improvements in support for Linux.

As you can see, there aren’t many improvements in this new version. This makes sense because by this point Microsoft has removed everything it needed to remove and the rest of the news comes in via updates to the Microsoft Store.

Things will change after this update

This update turns out to be an important milestone for Microsoft, albeit without any significant new functions. This is because updates for Windows 10 will be annually from now on. In other words, it will be exactly the same as it was on Windows 11.

Windows new media player

Windows 10 21H2 is now available to all users. Since it is a kind of extension like the 2004, 20H2 and 21H1 versions, the update should not be blocked for anyone.

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