Windows 11 new build ISO now available! Download here

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on the new version of Windows 11 then we have good news as the ISO is available for download. The new version includes revised hardware displays, a new calling experience for the Your Phone app and much more. In fact, it’s really worth downloading and installing. Without further ado, the new version in ISO format is available for download here.

Windows 11 new build ISO now available! Download here

Build 22533 updates the flyout theme for hardware indicators for brightness, volume, camera privacy, camera, and airplane mode so that it now follows Windows 11 design principles.

ISO build window

In addition, it is also possible to perform voice searches from the taskbar or remove the clock app.

Windows 11 will be one year old in July 2022 and at that time users are entitled to a very special gift. It’s a super update with a long list of improvements requested by people already using the new OS. The update comes under the name Sun Valley 2 and promises a lot.

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 or version 22H2 will be a version with many improvements. They ensure that the operating system becomes faster and more modern. In addition, you have greater integration of WinUI. In addition, new native applications must be added.

However, the most obvious improvement in Windows 11 in 2022 will be the ability to drag shortcuts to the taskbar.

It’s just that this was Windows 11’s worst change and even made a lot of conversation. But that’s not the only change. At the moment, the famous bar is still stuck at the bottom of the screen. But that too will soon change. This is mainly due to user feedback.

ISO build window

In addition, there will also be improvements in the start menu. It will be possible to pin more apps and even recommendations to the menu.

It’s not just about aesthetic changes, though. In fact, there are others inside as well. They guarantee more speed and stability. We also have improved settings.

Other new features include support for more widgets, especially those from third parties. So far it has only been those from Microsoft, such as Microsoft To-Do, Weather, News and Interests.

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