Windows 11 is starting to speed up! Windows 10 has lost its importance?

Starting this week, Microsoft will accelerate the Windows 11 release / upgrade program for the many users in its ecosystem. In this way, while Windows 11 gains new meaning in the world of the American giant, and at the same time in the life of its users, it seems that Windows 10 is losing importance, and hence it will fall a little on Microsoft’s priority list as well.

In the end, now that Windows 10 has reached the end of the cycle, the number of updates will drop significantly! So apparently it will only get one major update per year. But be careful! Microsoft continues to promise W10 support through at least October 2025, but there’s no denying that not all versions do.

Windows 11 is starting to speed up! Windows 10 has lost its importance?

Windows 11 starts

Therefore, Microsoft announced in the last ‘Patch Tuesday’ that it had decided to adjust the update schedule of Windows 10 to take into account the new focus on Windows 11. can begin to expect annual “feature” updates.

The next big update for Windows 10 is apparently planned for the second half of 2022. Extended support ends on October 14, 2025.

Windows10 21H2? What’s new

In case you didn’t know, the latest major update for Windows 10 is version 21H2, however, the truth is it doesn’t bring anything out of the ordinary to the table.

After all, we have WPA3 H2E support to improve WiFi security, we have some improvements in Windows Hello and finally we have GPU Compute support for the Windows subsystem for Linux and EFLOW (Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows).

This is the trend from now on!

Yes, Windows 10 will receive updates, but Microsoft is now focusing on Windows 11. So don’t expect any big news in the “old” operating system.

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