Windows 11: Install all Android apps with this app now!

One of the big news in Windows 11 is the ability to run multiple Android applications. For now, however, we have to use the Amazon App Store, which only offers around 50 apps. This is very little, especially given the multitude of applications available on the Play Store. But don’t worry, it’s now a lot easier to install Android apps on Windows 11, and all thanks to a new app that just double-clicks.

Windows 11: Install all Android apps with this app now!

When we wanted to install an Android app on Windows 11 that came from the Amazon App Store, it was complicated. This is because it had to use PowerShell and several different commands. Thanks to an Italian programmer, an app has now been launched in the Microsoft Store that enables any application to be installed with a double-click.

Windows 11 app apps

In fact, everything is much easier.

Right from the start we have Windows Explorer integration with APK files. So we can have the app or game file anywhere. After we find it we give it two clicks and it’ll be installed soon.

Windows 11 app apps

Also, there is no need to install ADB and know the commands.

While it makes life a lot easier for those who want to install Android apps, it doesn’t solve the Google Play Store dependency problem. As a result, some applications that directly depend on Google services may not work.

The app is available for download here.

If you don’t want to use this method, you can use the old one …

Let’s start with the requirements needed for Android apps to work on Windows 11.

Windows 11 app apps

The PC must be installed on Windows 11 from the start and, more precisely, with Build Build or higher.

Then we have to activate the virtualization in the BIOS. We’ll explain how to do this in another article.

However, the region of our pc must be set to the United States.

You must also be registered as a Windows Insider and subscribe to the beta channel. At this point in the championship, considering so many people managed to pre-install Windows 11, it shouldn’t be complicated.

You must also create a US Amazon account to access the Amazon Web Store.

With all of this, you need to follow this link to download the Amazon App Store. However, installing an Android app installs the Android subsystem for Windows.

Windows 11 app apps

Install any Android app on Windows

Since we only have access to around 50 apps at first, it is undoubtedly worth resorting to external APKs to install all the applications we want on Windows.

If you’ve already installed the Android subsystem on Windows, now is the time to download the SDK platform tools. So check out this link and download the Platform-Tools SDK for Windows.

Windows 11 app apps

Then start the Windows Subsystem for Android and enable developer mode or, if you prefer, programmer mode.

Make a note of the IP address that appears in the Windows Subsystem for Android. If not, click Update.

Now start the terminal and navigate to the downloaded Windows Subsystem for Android folder.

Download the APK you want to install on Windows and put it in this folder.

Windows 11 app apps

Enter the following command in the terminal:

Connect. adb.exe

Note that you should replace with the IP address the Windows Subsystem for Android gave you.

Once connected, enter that command into the terminal now.

Install. adb.exe ‘apkname.apk

Note that the apkname needs to be replaced with the name of the app that you have downloaded and want to install on Windows.

And the Android app is ready in the start menu.

Note that as mentioned on the MSPowerUser website, some apps that are based entirely on Google services may not work.

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