Windows 10 KB5008212 comes with several fixes! Update now

This year’s latest update is now available for Windows 10 2004, v20H2, v21H1, and version 21H2. The patch is available through Windows Update, but Microsoft has also released direct download links for offline installers for Windows 10 KB5008212.

Windows 10 KB5008212 comes with several fixes! Update now

KB5008212 is a security update. But only if you have already applied last month’s optional cumulative update. Otherwise, this cumulative update will also fix unsafe problems with your Windows installation.

If you already have version 21H2 of Windows 10 (November 2021 update), get build 19044.1415. If it’s at 21H1, the May 2021 update will get build 19043.1415. Although the builds are different, these are the same fixes and improvements.

Microsoft has also released the update for the 2004 version of Windows 10, but keep in mind that this will be the last patch for this system that is now expiring.

If you don’t want to use Windows Update, you can download it here.

The main changes:

Resolves issues with displaying folders in File Explorer.
Fixed an application error crash after upgrading.
Resolves font rendering issues on Windows 10.
Fixed problems with the Start menu, including a bug where applications would not appear in the menu.
Fixes problems with the Windows search process.

But not only Windows 10 was entitled to updates. Microsoft has released Windows 11 KB5008215, which arrives with good news. This is because you will get Windows 11 faster if you install this update. All because the problem that resulted in slower read and write speeds on both hard drives and SSDs was finally resolved. Needless to say, this had a huge impact on how Microsoft’s operating system worked.

But it’s not all about speed. In this update, the news starts right with the design. Right from the start we have new emojis that match the Fluent design. This means that the new emojis are in line with other Microsoft products such as Skype, Teams and others.

The emojis are modern in design and although Microsoft promised 3D emojis, they’re only 2D. There is also another new feature. The new collection includes Clippy as a replacement for the paper clip emoji. I remember Clippy being part of Office in mid-2000 and coming back at the request of many users.

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