Window 11 and 10: The first Tuesday patch of 2022 is very bright!

We already had the first Patch Tuesday of 2022 and this day always creates mixed feelings. On the one hand, we received news that fixes problems and makes Windows more interesting. On the other hand, we can encounter situations that we do not expect. But as the saying goes: if you don’t take risks, you won’t win. This time around, the January fixes cover two Microsoft operating systems, Windows 10 and Windows 11, and are mostly concerned with security issues.

Window 11 and 10: The first Tuesday patch of 2022 is very bright!

Patch Tuesday 2022

There are two highlights in the Windows 11 changelist. As mentioned earlier, it fixes security updates and issues with the Japanese keyboard.

But there are more things this update does. Basically, the update is better accepted by all components of the operating system. This should of course lead to fewer failures.

In the case of Windows 10, we have pretty much the same fixes that arrived for Windows 11.

That said, this is, in fact, not this update for those who want a lot of news. But anything that solves security problems is always welcome.

This isn’t the first update to hit Windows this year. The other one is only available on the dev channel, and interestingly, the first update didn’t bring any new features or major improvements. However, Microsoft has focused on solving problems that could affect the performance and operation of the operating system itself. In addition, the AirPods experience has been improved.

Patch Tuesday 2022

The cumulative update is called “Windows 11 Insider Preview 22526 (rs_prerelease)” and can be downloaded / installed in a few minutes. To apply the changes to the operating system, you’ll need to open Windows Settings and join the Windows Insider Program Developer Channel (if you haven’t already) and check for updates.

Build 22526 is not linked to any specific version, however, but all of the things that are included here will be included in the Sun Valley 2 update that comes out in midsummer.

Patch Tuesday 2022

Windows 11 will be celebrating its anniversary in July 2022, and at that time, users are entitled to a very special gift.

It’s a super update with a long list of improvements that have been requested by people who are already using the new operating system. The update comes under the name Sun Valley 2 and really promises a lot.

Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 or version 22H2 will be a version with many improvements. They ensure that the operating system is faster and more modern. In addition, you have a stronger integration of WinUI. To do this, new native applications have to be added.

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