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William Sanderson was born on January 10, 1944 in Memphis, Tennessee USA and is an actor best known for his role in films such as “Blade Runner” (1982) and “Deadwood” (2004) as well as the television series “Newhart” (1982-1990 ) and “True Blood” (2008-2014). Sanderson has been in the entertainment industry since 1976.

What is the net worth of William Sanderson? Authoritative sources have estimated his net worth up to $ 1 million as per data released in mid-2017. Movies and television are the main sources of Sanderson’s fortune.


William Sanderson net worth of $ 1 million


Initially, the boy grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, with his parents who worked as landscapers and elementary school teachers. He studied at the University of Memphis, from which he graduated with bachelor and law doctorates with a focus on economics and law.

Regarding his professional career, he made his debut in the lead role in the grindhouse action film “Fight for Your Life” (1977) directed and produced by Robert A. Endelson. Sanderson then starred alongside Christopher Allport and David Gale in the slasher film “Savage Weekend” (1979) directed by David Paulsen. He starred in the 1980 biographical film Coal Miner’s Daughter, which grossed $ 67.1 million at the box office. William was also starred in the Jack Fisk drama “Raggedy Man” (1981) and also appeared in the films “Lone Wolf McQuade” (1983), “Nightmares” (1983) and “Fletch” (1985). In 1987 he starred alongside Roo Marcus in the film “Last Man Standing” by Ernest Dickerson and in 1989 in the award-winning miniseries “Lonesome Dove” by Simon Wincer.

During the next decade, Sanderson portrayed Mr. Veze in the horror film “Mirror, Mirror” (1990) and also starred in the critically acclaimed film “The Rocketeer” (1991), but the film failed at the box office. He also voiced Karl Rossum in the animated series “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992). William Sanderson also starred in the movie-goers’ beloved legal thriller “The Client” (1994) and created episodic roles in the television series “The X-Files” (1994), “ER” (1996) and “The Pretender” (1996). He also played in the television films “Babylon 5: Thirdspace” (1997) and “Monte Walsh” (2003). The actor was in the lead roles in the films “Gods and Generals” (2003) and “Avatar” (2004).

After that, the actor worked mainly for television; from 2004 to 2006 he starred on the critically acclaimed series “Dreadwood” which aired on HBO, then on the Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning series “True Blood” (2008-2012), with William himself one Satellite Award for the created role won in the above series. In 2009, Sanderson starred in the ABC drama series Lost and also got episodic roles in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (2011), Bones (2012) and Bravest Warriors (2013).

In conclusion, all of the above roles increased the overall size of William Sanderson’s net worth.

After all, in the actor’s personal life, Sanderson is married to Sharon and they have one child.

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