Will 2022 be the year of “cheap” folding? Caution!

Allegedly, 2021 would be the year we would see more foldables on the market, which in turn would put pressure on the manufacturers most heavily involved in the segment to lower prices and increase competition.

However, due to the production crisis and the resulting impossibility of bringing devices to market at attractive prices, many of these manufacturers decided to simply abandon their hasty product launches to wait for a more appropriate time.

That is exactly what TCL did with its ‘Fold’, which was supposed to be a serious competitor to Samsung’s Z Flip 3, at a much cheaper price, and apparently it also happened to Google who turned the folding project into a bathroom. Mary, until a more convenient time.

Well then, of course, the crisis won’t last forever!

Things will be looking up in the second half of next year and so we already have some signs that the foldable world betting will come back to the table by this time.

All in all, 2022 is going to be a very interesting year for the folding smartphones side, and of course, as you can imagine, Samsung has to keep going.

Will 2022 be the year of “cheap” folding? Caution!

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So 2022 could be the year we will see serious competition in the folding sector! Which can finally lead to good equipment and of course good prices.

However, Samsung will continue to rely on this department. But as is also clear, the strategy will probably have to change a bit with more competition.

Still, although technically quite advanced … The Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 are still too expensive devices! Which still makes sense, because the technology is expensive and Samsung has the monopoly in this sub-market. However, it’s a strategy that runs counter to the South Korean giant’s goal of massaging this type of device in the marketplace.

As more and more manufacturers enter the market at more attractive prices, consumers will look at this type of device with different eyes … That is, as something that they can actually buy. Which in turn will put Samsung under pressure and could finally be the kickstart that this world needs.

Which manufacturers are they?

Well, we’re talking about TCL, which had a prototype ready a few months ago, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei and of course Honor. At the same time, Google and Apple are analyzing the same market with greedy eyes.

All manufacturers with a lot of economic power and a lot of design invention. You are also a manufacturer that can rely on its “budget” sub-brands to create something less weighty but still very interesting devices. Can you imagine a Redmi Fold or Realme Fold for ~ € 500? It was madness!

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