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Carol Ann Susi’s net worth is
$ 500,000

Carol Ann Susi Wiki Biography

Born on February 2, 1952 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA, Carol Ann Susi was an actress of Italian descent, perhaps best known for her voice actors on the popular television series “The Big Bang Theory”. Susi worked in the entertainment industry until her death in 2014.

How rich was the actress? It has been reported by authoritative sources that Carol Ann Susi’s total net worth as of today was up to $ 500,000 – it is estimated that she made about $ 200,000 a year after all. Acting was the main source of Susi’s wealth.

Carol Ann Susi net worth of $ 500,000

Initially, the girl grew up in Brooklyn. She studied acting at HB Studio (Herbert Berghof Studio) in New York City before moving to Los Angeles in the 1970s, where she began her long career in television and film.

Regarding her professional career, she made her debut in 1974 in the Kolchak television series “The Night Stalker” in three episodes as Monique Marmelstein. Her big start didn’t come until 1984 when she portrayed Susan in the drama “Love Scenes”. Susi’s most important role was that of the invisible character Debbie ‘Ma’ Wolowitz in the comedy series “The Big Bang Theory”, which she performed from 2007 to 2014. Five days after the last episode she appeared in, she died of complications from cancer. Her character was not adopted by anyone else, but died eight episodes later (through a phone message of her death to her television son Howard on The Comic Book Store Regeneration). His other acting roles include the television series “Married .. with Children” (1995-1996), in which she appeared as Frannie, “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (1998), in which he portrayed Dorris, and in “Gray’s Anatomy” . (2008) in which she played Ms. Dorsokowski. Everything contributed steadily to her net worth.

Carol Ann also starred in several feature films, including the black humor film “Death Becomes Her” (1992) and the romantic comedy “Coyote Ugly” (2000).

In 2008 she played the voice of Doris Brown and Pamela Ross in the video game “CSI: NY”. Two years later she embodied Maria Agnello in “Mafia II”.

All of the above engagements contributed to the total size of Carol Ann Susi’s net worth.

After all, the actress was likely single in personal life as there is no information about her personal life. She died on November 11, 2014 in Los Angeles. California, USA on the effects of cancer – carcinoma. She was 62 years old.

Full name Carol Ann Susi
Net worth $ 500,000
birth date February 2, 1952, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Died November 11, 2014 (age 62) Los Angeles, California, USA
job Actress, voice actress
education HB Studio in New York City
nationality American
brothers and sisters Michael Susi
Nicknames Carol-Ann Susi, Carolann Susi
Movies Just go with it, Desserts only, Mafia !, Waiting for Woody, Death will be her, My blue sky, The secret of my success, The secret of my success, My blue sky, Death will be her, Under investigation, Waiting for Woody, Mafia !, The Amati Girls, Just Desserts, Red Velvet, just go with me, let them …
Television shows The Night Stalker (1974), The Big Bang Theory (2007-2014), Married .. with Children (1995-1996), Cheers (1991), Doogie Howser (1991), Something So Right (1996-1997), Mad About You (1992), Just Shoot Me, Seinfeld (1992), Six Feet Under, CSI: NY (2008)


title year status character
One life, taken 2014 Short Mrs. Mancuso
The big Bang Theory 2007-2014 Television series Debbie Wolowitz
Just take part 2011 Mrs. Maccabeus
Mafia II 2010 Video game Cleaning lady Maria Agnello (voice)
‘Until death 2010 Television series Marjorie Putnam
CSI: NY 2008 Video game Doris Brown / Pamela Ross (voice)
Grey’s Anatomy 2008 Television series Mrs. Borsokowski
Red velvet 2008 mother
Ugly Betty 2008 Television series Mrs. Galeano
Journeyman 2007 Television series
Coffee date 2006 Diana’s assistant
That 70’s show 2006 Television series Receptionist
Dear, Inc. 2006 Television series Gwen
Out of practice 2005 Television series Susy
The king of queens 2000-2005 Television series Service Counter Manager / Ms. Deluca
McBride: It’s murder, madam 2005 TV movie Helena
The Drew Carey Show 2004 Television series Doris
Desserts only 2004 TV movie Mrs. Guzzi
Mandatory dating 2002 Seminar woman
Cats & dogs 2001 Sophie’s sister
Six feet below 2001 Television series Pauline Romano
So life is 2001 Television series Tessie Dalton
rude awakening 2001 Television series brandy
Kristina 2001 Television series Mrs. Meecham
Storm Eye 2000 Monique
City guys 2000 Television series Grumpy woman
The Amati girls 2000 Ticket seller
Waiting for Woody 1998 Short
USA high 1998 Television series Mrs. Lazzarini
Becker 1998 Television series Mrs. Marino
Sabrina, the teenage witch 1998 Television series Doris
Oh baby 1998 Television series Felicia
Mafia! 1998 Clamatos wife
Just shoot me! 1998 Television series Mrs. Boukidis
Eat your heart up 1997 Cynthia
Something so right 1996-1997 Television series Grace / Grace
Cheered on 1997 Television series Woman selling meat
Wedding bell blues 1996 Aunt Anash
Edie & pen 1996 Irma
HE 1996 Television series Pregnant alien abductees
The home court 1996 Television series Connie
Married, with children 1995-1996 Television series Frannie
Qiana 1996 Short Waitress
Pointman 1995 Television series Miss Sloane, pageant director
Big daddy’s barbecue 1994 TV movie Deirdre
NYPD blue 1994 Television series Connie
Examined 1993 Video Neighbor
Murphy Brown 1990-1993 Television series Lady / Secretary # 37
blossom 1993 Television series nun
Crazy about you 1992 Television series Female passenger
Another world 1992 Television series Sergeant at the desk
bob 1992 Television series Debra
Death becomes them 1992 Psychiatric patient
His field 1992 Television series Carrie
Doogie Howser, MD 1991 Television series Clairvoyant
Thank you very much 1991 Television series Angeline
Donor 1990 TV movie Berlinetti
Married people 1990 Television series Gloria
The new Adam-12 1990 Television series Vicki
Head of the class 1990 Television series Nurse Lemas
Master of the threat 1990 Candy Colletti
My blue sky 1990 / I Filomena
Night dish 1990 Television series Mara Bernstein
Growing pains 1990 Television series Norma
Who is the boss? 1989 Television series ginger
Wedding band 1989 Angela
Blood red 1989 Segestra daughter # 1
Jake and the Fatman 1987 Television series failure
Simon & Simon 1987 Television series Doreen
The secret of my success $ s 1987 Jean (as Carol-Ann Susi)
My sister Sam 1987 Television series Marsha Hammer
Unheard of fortune 1987 Receptionist
Love scenes 1984 Susanne
Make them laugh 1981 TV movie Gina
Rich man, poor man 1976 TV miniseries Waitress
McMillan & wife 1975 Television series Luana
The big rip off 1975 TV movie
Kolchak: The night stalker 1974 Television series Monique Marmelstein


title year status character
Sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove 1989 additional voice

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title year status character
The big Bang Theory TV series In Loving Memory / to / Carol Ann Suzi / “Mrs. Wolowitz.” / Every time you talked / we laughed. / You are forever in our hearts. – 1 episode, 2014 in loving memory of – 1 episode, 2014


title year status character
Overnight with Dan & Lauren 2014 Television series herself

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