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The net worth of Vidal Sassoon is
$ 150 million

Vidal Sassoon Wiki Biography

Vidal Sassoon was born of Jewish descent in Hammersmith, London, Great Britain on January 17, 1928, and was a barber and businessman. He became known in the 1960s as “the man who brought the bob cut to the market,” a style that was followed by actors and the media. This fit into the fashion of the time with short and simple lines, such as the mini skirt. He passed away in 2012.

What is the net worth of Vidal Sassoon? Authoritative sources have estimated his net worth up to $ 130 million as per data released in mid-2017.

Vidal Sassoon is worth $ 130 million

The boy first grew up in Hammersmith with his parents, Nathan Sassoon and Betty Bellin. Due to the poor financial situation of the family, Sassoon started working early – his mother quickly recognized his talents and sent him to a hair salon when he was 14. He started out as a shampoo boy, which later became his nickname. After World War II, Sassoon became a member of the anti-fascist group 43 Group and then fought in the Israeli army during the Arab-Israeli War in 1948.

In 1954 he opened his first salon in London, which was followed by other stores in other cities such as New York. In 1963 the bob cut fell apart – film director Roman Polański paid Sassoon $ 5,000 for the original haircut of star Mia Farrow for his film “Rosemary’s Baby”. After building a following with his stylings, he moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970s, where he opened the world’s first salon chain, accompanied by a line of hair care products. Overall, he managed to expand his business into a chain of 25 private beauty salons and four beauty academies, Sassoon developed his own hair care line under the Vidal Sassoon brand, which he sold to Richardson Vicks in 1982, then he founded the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA), an apolitical information center. He later financed the Boys Clubs of America, an organization that promotes after-school activities for young people. He also supported the Los Angeles Music Center and projects in Israel.

Vicks came into the hands of Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1985 and was gradually reduced in favor of their own Pantene brand so that they did not have to pay royalties to Sassoon. In 2003, P&G decided to put the brand name on hold and Sassoon filed a lawsuit against P&G for having destroyed its brand name. This process was eventually settled out of court.

Today there is a professional hair care line called Sassoon. He sold his hair salons in 2002 to the Regis Corporation, the largest hairdressing company in the world.

In 2009 he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE). In 2010 a documentary was made about his life and work with the simple title “Vidal Sassoon: The Movie”.

After all, in Sassoon’s personal life he was married four times and fathered four children. He was married to Elaine Wood (1956-1958), Beverly Adams (1967-1980), Jeanette Hartford-Davis (divorced) and Rhonda Holbrook (1992 – until his death). One of his children was actress Catya Sassoon, who died of a heart attack from a cocaine and hydromorphone overdose in 2002 at the age of 33.

He died at the age of 84 on May 9, 2012 in Los Angeles, California – it had been known for some time that he had leukemia.

Full name Vidal Sassoon
Net worth $ 150 million
birth date 17th January 1928, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom
Died May 9, 2012, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, USA
place of birth Hammersmith
job Hairdresser, businessman, philanthropist
nationality British
Spouse Rhonda “Ronnie” Holbrook (m. 1992–2012), Beverly Adams (m. 1967–1981), Elaine Wood (m. 1956–1958)
children Catya Sassoon, Eden Sassoon, David Sassoon, Elan Sassoon
parents Nathan Sassoon, Betty Bellin
brothers and sisters Ivor Sassoon
Nicknames Vidal Sassoon, CBE
Movies Vidal Sassoon The Movie (2010), Fame, Fashion & Photography: The Real Blow Up (2002), Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
Television shows The Carol Burnett Show (1967-1968), The Wild Affair (1965), Be My Guest (1965)
# Quote
1 [on Kim Basinger] She is a positive, positive joy. I think we have what it takes to be a star. First of all, she has the most sensual lips in the business.
# fact
1 In the beginning he lived with the struggling actors and friends Michael Caine and Terence Stamp.
2 He is credited with pioneering the “bob” hairstyle used by Mia Farrow and Mary Quant, etc.
3 Beverly Hills, California [February 2011]
4th His personal appearances on many of his previous ads usually ended with his announcement, “I’m Vidal Sassoon and if you don’t look good we don’t look good”.
5 He founded the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. In recognition of his humanity, he was given the Magnes Award. He served as Honorary Governor of the International Board of Governors of Hebrew University and Honorary Vice President of the National American Friends of Hebrew University and as President Emeritus of the American Friends of Hebrew University Western Region.
6th He studied at Essendine Road Primary School, a Christian school, before being evacuated to Holt, Wiltshire, England during World War II.
7th He spent 7 years in a Jewish orphanage after his father Jack Sassoon left his family for another woman. His younger brother Ivor Sassoon died at the age of 46. His father’s family were from Thessalonniki, Greece and his mother’s family were from Spain.
8th He founded the Vidal Sassoon International Study for Antisemitism. In 1948 he fought for Israel in the Arab-Israeli war. During World War II he was a member of Group 43, a Jewish veterans militia organization that broke up fascist meetings in East London, England.
9 For his services to the British hairdressing industry and charities, he was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) on the Queen’s Birthday Honors List in 2009.
10 Did Glenda Jackson twist her hair for her Oscar-winning performance in Women in Love (1969).
11th Hairdresser to the stars.
12th Lifelong fan of Chelsea Football Club, London, England.
13th Father of Catya Sassoon, (1968-2002) Oley Sassone, Eden Sassoon (born 1973), Elan Sasson (born 1970) and David Sassoon.

Makeup department

title year status character
Rosemary baby 1968 Hairstyle Creator: Miss Farrow
The Carol Burnett Show 1967-1968 Wig maker for TV series – 17 episodes
The wild affair 1965 Hairdresser: Mrs. Kwan
Be my guest 1965 Hairdresser: Miss Blair

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title year status character
Hair world 2005 Video documentation thanks


title year status character
Sebring 2018 post-production Self
Imagine 2011 Documentation for the TV series Self
CNBC meeting 2011 Documentation for the TV series Self
breakfast 2010-2011 Television series Himself – hairdresser
In the house with Peter Bart & Peter Guber 2011 Television series
Permissive women 2010 Television series Self
Vidal Sassoon: The Movie 2010 documentary Self
Confidential 2008 Documentation for the TV series Self
Fame, Fashion, and Photography: The Real Blast 2002 TV documentary Self
Jazz Lakes: The Life and Times of William Claxton 2001 documentary Self
Melinda’s big night in 1999 Television series Self
Kick & scream 1995 Documentation for the TV series Self
Hollywood women 1993 Documentation for the TV miniseries Self
Clive James’ postcard of … 1990 Documentation for the TV series Self
Good morning Great Britain 1986 Television series Self
The British connection 1985 TV documentary Self
Please turn the page 1984 Documentation for the TV series Self
Cool Cats: 25 years of rock ‘n’ roll style 1983 Video documentation Self
Headlines! 1983 Television series Self
The time of your life 1983 Television series Self
Bob Hope as President 1980 TV special
Your new day 1980 Television series He himself – host
The Mike Douglas Show 1971-1979 Television series As himself – hairdresser / as himself – co-host
The Merv Griffin Show 1965-1977 Television series Self
Donahue 1976 Television series Self
The Norman Gunston Show 1975 Television series Self
The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 1972 Television series Self
That’s your life 1970 Documentation for the TV series Self
He said she said 1970 Television series Self
Della 1970 Television series Self
The Joan Rivers Show 1969 Television series Self
The Ed Nelson Show 1969 Television series Self
Maurice Woodruff predictions 1969 Television series Himself – guest
The match game 1969 Television series He himself – team captain
What’s my line? 1969 Television series Himself – Mystery Guest
The beautiful Phyllis Diller Show 1968 Television series Self
Dolly story 1968 documentary
It’s time 1967 Television series Self
What’s my line? 1967 Television series Himself – Mystery Guest
The Eamonn Andrews Show 1967 Television series Self

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