Who are Tia Bynum and Robert Vicosa? Wife, age, dead after alleged kidnapping, family, children, family, wiki

Tia Bynum and Robert Vicosa: Former police officer Robert Vicosa at his 72-hour crime scene is under a police search warrant. He had recently committed a mischievous crime with the help of Tia Bynum. Crime details will be updated here.

Who are Robert Vicosa and Tia Bynum Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Early Life All About Them

Robert Vicosa was born in the USA in 1979. He was a resident of the US Since Robert Vicosa is not a celebrity, detailed information about his life could not be published in the media. He is a retired cop who is now a highlight on a serious crime scene.

Tia Bynum and Robert Vicosa death

Tia Bynum is a sergeant who helped retired police officer Robert Vicosa with a crime. She is now suspended. She had previously worked as a sergeant in the Baltimore Country Police. Her dates of birth could not be published in the media. She’s probably in her 30s.

Robert Vicosa’s details about his parents could not be followed by the media. If the details are updated we will try to collect the information as soon as possible.

The details of Tia Bynum could not be found in the media either. Details can be updated as soon as possible.

Tia Bynum and Robert Vicosa crime scene!

Robert and Tia went to see Robert’s ex-wife on a birthday holiday. It was Friday noon and a mischievous crime was about to occur.

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Robert’s ex-wife was amazed at Robert’s presence. she, Vicosa, and Bynum ate cake and put the girls to bed. Vicosa told her he had a present for her.

A few moments later-

Suddenly she noticed some changes in the expression on her ex-husband’s face. “The next thing she noticed was that Tia and Robert grabbed her arms and Robert held a gun to her head.” The couple dragged the woman into the basement and handcuffed her.

She claimed she was forced to inhale a crushed oxycontin pill and smoke marijuana. Vicosa allegedly threatened to kill her and the girls, then took her to a bedroom where she claimed he sexually assaulted her on Friday and Saturday.

Vicosa threatened the victim again while talking to her brother on the phone on Saturday, alleging police, forcing them to pretend nothing was wrong. He allegedly threatened to kill her, her girls, and himself if the police were contacted.

Details about the next day

Vicosa’s ex-wife escaped on Sunday. Local police received an arrest warrant on Monday and broke into Vicosa’s home. A window at the back of the house was destroyed and the house was torn apart. Worse, the ex-cop and his two daughters were nowhere to be seen. The police published a wanted poster against VIcosa and Tia Bynum

Was Robert Vicosa’s background a sincere cop?

Vicosa had worked for the Baltimore Area Police Department for a considerable time, according to ABC27. He was fired in August of that year. His internal police records, acquired by WBAL television, revealed a background of inappropriate behavior.

According to the findings of an internal examination, in 2019 he scoffed at three female department representatives, looked at “improper recordings in their quality” and made physically fascinating comments on them. A provisional panel therefore demoted him.

After further allegations of rebellion and “improper management of a Baltimore area police office,” he recalled dozing on commitments and “refusing to be ready and perform” and was fired two years later.

What school and college did Tia Bynum and Robert Vicosa go to? What was your major?

In the absence of detailed information from Robert, he likely went to college at a local school in his hometown.

We are unable to get the information about Tia. She must have done her studies in her hometown.

Tia Bynum and Robert Vicosa net worth, how much do they make?

Robert Vicosa was a retired police officer so he can probably make good money from his profession. We are unable to extract the total number of its earnings.

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Tia Bynum’s net worth has not yet been released either.

Robert Vicosa’s wife, what about his relationship?

Robert Vicosa was married to a resident of the United States. They got married a long time ago. But this bond between him and his wife did not last long. The couple had two children, Giana Vicosa, 7 and Aaminah Vicosa, 6.

Tia Bynum, what about your relationship?

Source claims that Tia was in a relationship with Robert Vicosa.

Manhunted for 4 days

The police had searched Robert Vicosa for the past four days. In the course of the manhunt, the authorities repeatedly turned to Vicosa and Bynum directly. “You used to be a police officer. In your heart you know what you are doing is not right, ”said Schollenberger at the press conference. “You are a father to these young women. Do the right thing Robert. Bring her back. “

“Please take these two innocent and precious children to a safe place,” said Melissa Hyatt, Baltimore County police chief, speaking to Bynum at a news conference Thursday. “We know you are tired. We want to work with you on a safe and peaceful solution. “

Police briefing about wanted criminals.

When wanted posters of Vicosa and Bynum were released by the police. “Vicosa and Bynum are wanted and considered armed and dangerous, and children’s safety is a priority,” police said. Anyone seeing Vicosa and / or Bynum is asked to call 911 – do not approach them.

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The US Marshals Service is offering up to $ 5,000 in rewards for information leading to Vicosa’s capture and the children’s recovery. Call 911 for information or call the York Area Police at 717-741-1259.

4 found dead in a man hunt.

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt said former Baltimore County police officer Robert Vicosa abducted and abducted a man in Cockeysville Wednesday afternoon. Hyatt said Vicosa was accompanied by two young girls and Baltimore County Police Sgt. Was suspended. Tia Bynum at the time of carjacking. The victim was found safely.

Russo said Pennsylvania State Troopers attempted to stop a vehicle around 2:30 p.m. that was coordinated with a speculative vehicle representation of an incident in the Baltimore Area, Maryland.

She said the vehicle was going south to Maryland, where Maryland soldiers were taking a break. Russo said the Maryland State Police emergency team tried more than once to connect to the vehicle’s passengers. She said a thick layer of smoke in the vehicle made it difficult to see inside the vehicle.

When specialists got into the vehicle, they observed four people with discharge injuries, a driver, a man and two young women in the rear seating arrangement. Three of the residents stepped into the bucket on site – the driver, the man and a young lady in the rear seating arrangement. A young lady who followed was traveled to an emergency clinic in Hagerstown where she kicked the bucket.

Is Robert Vicosa available on any type of social media platform?

No, it is not currently available on any social media platform.

Robert Vicosa’s physical appearance Height, weight

height N / A
Hair color Bald
Eye color Brown
weight N / A
Body type Fit
Sexual Orientation Just

Interesting Facts About Robert Vicosa You Should Know About

nationality American
Ethnicity black
star sign N / A
relationship status N / A
children Giana and Aaminah
wife N / A

Is Tia Bynum available on any type of social media platform?

No, it is not currently available on any social media platform.

Physical appearance of Tia Bynum height, weight

height N / A
Hair color black
Eye color Brown
weight N / A
Body type Fit
Sexual Orientation Just

Interesting Facts About Tia Bynum’s You Should Know

nationality American
Ethnicity black
star sign N / A
relationship status N / A
children N / A
husband N / A

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