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Wherever the Heart Leads (PlayStation 5) – We are not ninos



Approximate reading time: 7th protocol

Developed: Anchor games

Distributed: Armatur Studio LLC

Player: 1 player

Gender: Narrative adventure

Premiere: July 13, 2021

Play it on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5


Narrative adventures have been around since the conceptual beginnings of video games. From classic keyboard adventures to those with higher-resolution visual structures. For decades, the idea of ​​delivering deeper stories in the medium of video games and combining the audiovisual with interactivity has been explored. Journey, Heavy Rain, What Remain of Edith Finch, Wolf Among Us, the list just keeps growing, and while it’s not that popular a genre, it has brought back cult classics that any gamer would say you should experience at least once. is it possible that Where the heart leads offer us an experience like no other? We have already played it in NSÑ and share our conclusions with you.

(Thanks to Armature Studio LLC for providing a review copy of Where the Heart Leads)

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

A journey to your memories

Where the Heart Leads is a narrative adventure game (game structure that focuses the story by mixing elements of exploration and, in general, puzzles) in which we play the role of Whit Anderson, a small town citizen who owns a farm that he and his wife do and shares with his children.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

On a stormy night, a huge hole in the ground opens up in the middle of your property. Amid the thunder and quake, Casey, the family’s pet, crashes and falls into a sector of the hole with no practical way back. Whit, in order to save her, decides to go downstairs with a makeshift pulley, unfortunately the structure of the apparatus is not very stable and Whit falls into the depths of the sink. Now you must find a way to return home as you wander through memories of the past and the worries of an uncertain future.

The subject of uncertainty in Where the Heart Leads

The title takes us into Whits psyche, which goes through different phases of his life, from his teenage years to his adult life. The main focus in Where the Heart Leads is on the central development of every personal relationship that Whit had in his life and how it develops over time based on the choices we make.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

There are multiple stories that unfold in parallel as we travel and that evolve as we move forward. For example, your brother (Sege) finds himself in the dilemma of choosing a formal path in life or looking for his dream of becoming an artist (despite your father’s disapproval), there will be a crucial moment when you will express your opinion, if you respect and choose to support them or not, and the decision you make will have ramifications for you, Sege, or any character I have interacted with in later chapters.

Know how to choose

And Sege is one of the many characters you will encounter and who will guide you through your adventure. Your parents, Rene (your wife), Alek and Kate (your children) and members of the town you live in. Each will have their own personal story that will involve you in some way and you will need to rationalize which path to take and accept the benefits and consequences of your choices.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

I would like to go into more detail about the story, but the less you know about the Where the Heart Leads narrative, the better for your experience. I must add that the experience is well worth it, the subject of uncertainty about the future and the impact of the past is superbly expressed and you feel the weight of the choices made. It has to be clarified, there are no wrong options, they are just different and like life we ​​sometimes have to accept their development.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

Inside the structure, explore the towns of Whits hometown over the seasons and years. You have some freedom of movement and get to know each of the characters. There will always be a central point where the story progresses, but you can actually give yourself the time to interact without the urgency of a time limit or structured order.

Text density

The narrative is mostly carried in written dialogue, I emphasize this because we feel that Where the Heart Leads does not take very good advantage of the fact that it is a video game and does not convey the events visually or expressively. You will have a good time between dense dialogue texts for others and no other audiovisual alternatives will be offered to make the experience more interactive. We’re not trying to say that the fact that it has excessive or very long dialogue is a negative, but it was necessary to combine it with other audiovisual narrative elements.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

We can exemplify What Remains of Edith Finch, a narrative adventure game that combines its dialogues with visuals, interactivity and scene changes in a balanced way and uses all elements of the medium used. Where the Hearts Leads takes the textual in an extreme way and because of this, because of its structure, the story, which is engaging and interesting, becomes overwhelming. It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t have regionalization to other languages ​​and we have to stick with English to remove the interest of users who don’t know the language.

Real choices, accept the consequences

One notable aspect of the title is its ability to structure a decision-making system that effectively creates drastic changes as the story progresses. From the first chapter you have to make moral choices that are also relevant in the latter parts of the game. We can say that having an efficient decision-making system is a breeze for the genre, but we’ve seen titles like TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead that make it feel like we’re making relevant decisions but that don’t make real change last narration.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

Acceptable duration

The duration of Where the Head Leads, practically following the story, is about 10 to 12 hours, a reasonable amount of time. We have to add to this section that while the game encourages its replayability in order to visualize the development of the story with other options, the density of text slightly inhibits interest in replaying it in the short term. A chapter selection system would have been nice (similar to Detroit Become Human) because we could visualize certain parts of the game without having to start over or manually save all the time.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

Visual monotony

The graphic level is optimal for what the title suggests, visually it knows how to create dreamlike effects to make it clear to us that we are seeing Whits memories and thoughts, the city changes the seasons, creates changes in color contrasts and achieves that visually this is not so monotonous. However, we regret to say that you won’t remember Where the Heart Leads because of its artistic quality, the scene changes don’t make such a drastic change, the character modeling feels generic and it offers nothing new or unique to highlight in this one Section.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)


Where the Heart Leads is a great story title that examines the subject of insecurity and personal relationships in a well-executed decision-making system. Unfortunately, great narration in an interactive audiovisual medium requires more than great script. The lack of balance between dialogue and interaction, the boring graphics, the lack of regionalization and other structural elements make the game a diminished experience. If you can get over the monotonous aspects, you will find an excellent story, but it didn’t necessarily have to be a video game.

Review: Where the Heart Goes (PlayStation 5)

To mark:

-A great story of uncertainty and personal exploration.

-Good electoral system.

-Each character has good narrative development.

To enhance:

-Text density that is not balanced with other narrative media.

-Optically monotonous.

-Lack of regionalization.

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Neighbors war It’s the new Mexican original comedy series from Netflix that premiered this July, and apparently it has been so well received that the platform decided to extend it for a second season just a little over 20 days after it premiered.

It is one of the top 10 most watched series on Netflix this month. So if you didn’t give her a chance, you might be missing out on a good comedy for the marathon weekend.

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The series has 8 episodes so as we tell you it’s perfect for a marathon.

The neighborhood war is renewed.

Due to the popularity of the platform among users, I have already announced season 2 with a neighborhood ad.

»Dear neighbors: We inform you that the Lópezes will stay here – yes, with everything and a donkey – because Guerra de Vecinos will have a second season.

We hope that by then the coexistence between the Espinozas and the Lópezes will improve and that their mutual appearances will not affect the harmony of the neighborhood. In the meantime, to celebrate the news, we will make an exception so that the gong will sound and we will make a characteristic Lopez cheer together. Are they funded or what? 1, 2, 3; Looooooooopeeeeez! »

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‘Where there was fire’ begins the recording with Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Capetillo
  • “I am very happy to be able to take part in this action-packed Netflix production with a lovable love story. Additionally, I am proud to share with the great Eduardo Capetillo, we are sure that with this great team and story we will be a success for Netflix. Thank you and see you in Where there was fire “. Itatí Cantoral mentioned in an interview.
  • “I’m very excited to be back in the melodramatic world, but now on Netflix. The freedom to tell a story that promises so much adrenaline is undoubtedly a great challenge, it motivates me to do my best and that is the goal that all of us who are involved in this production have. I am convinced that we can tell a story that will captivate the entire audience and that will undoubtedly set the standard, not just for novel stories, but for all love stories.. Eduardo Capetillo added

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the novel Where there was fire It will be available on the platform next year.

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He accompanies his girlfriend to the vaccination and gets to know his wife! – We are not Ñoños




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This time we tell you the story of a man in Brazil who went with his girlfriend to get the COVID-19 vaccine, nothing strange so far, but he generated his visit, met his wife and sister-in-law!

Day in and day out, the Internet provides us with stories worthy of a script that we might see in TV shows, sketches, or even a so-called Sunday movie.

In accordance with Act, the couple was captured at a vaccination center in the city of Bayeux, Paraiba state, Brazil. At first, rumors suggested this had happened in Colombia, but the rumor was quickly denied.

The Brazilian Newspaper ‘G1“He affirmed that the incident occurred on July 20th and, according to the Paraiba State Health Secretary, it was just a 4-person conflict that resulted in physical aggression and wrestling style, with chairs blown up blown up.

Field battle and “happy ending” in the vaccination center

The viral video, which has been shared several times, honors how one of the women throws a chair at another who, without thinking, reacts in the same way and ignites an open fight; while the man and fourth person, wearing a blue blouse, fight to one side as she falls to the ground.

Things got serious when the three women started pulling their hair, and as the discussion grew, the man tried to part them until he accomplished his mission. Special mention for the nurses present, who stood stoically and did their duty, protecting the consumables for the vaccination and dosing all 4 people involved in the fight.

Two women, one vaccine: he goes vaccinating with his girlfriend and gets to know his wife!

After starring in this incident, they will surely think hard before trying another bad move; It is not known if the couple ended the relationship or if the couple will stay together, but we do know the 4 were vaccinated, fulfilled their responsibilities and (mostly) made the best decision.

however, when the couple has ended the relationship or the couple continues to live together, we know that the 4 have been vaccinated, fulfilled their responsibilities and (mostly) made the best decision.

What do you think of this unfortunate coincidence in a vaccination center in Brazil?

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