Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED in Colombia

The new Nintendo Switch OLED was launched worldwide on October 8th –With exceptions– together with Metroid horror. However, this updated model was slow to reach the Latin American market. The introduction was planned for the “holiday season 2021”, but is already available in some shops.

In Colombia from the most important distributors and retail chains with technology products, only a few of them offer the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED in Colombia

Following the tradition of the chain stores in Colombia who sell Nintendo products, you can buy the new OLED Switch below. They all offer a guarantee.

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How much does the Nintendo Switch OLED cost in Colombia?

the The US market price for the OLED switch is $ 349.99. At a price that is representative of the current market, they are approximately $ 1,391,035 Colombian pesos, excluding taxes or shipping costs. The final price in stores varies dramatically. Based on the standard in Ktronix, it is available in the models white / black or red / neon blue for 1,999,000 Colombian pesos.

buy nintendo switch oled

In the online shop Dpr1mero, which is physically located in the city of Medellín, the Nintendo Switch OLED is already listed in the white version for 2,099,900 Colombian pesos $ 1,999,900 for neon red / blue (includes tax). It is important to check these links regularly as both versions may be out of print or available.

In the online store Juegos-ya, which is physically located in the city of Bucaramanga, Switch OLED is offered in both versions for 2,399,990 US dollars. The console is delivered two working days after purchase.

The Smile Games Store in the city of Bogotá only sells it on request.

It is reliable to confirm that the Switch hybrid OLED console retails for around two million Colombian pesos in the popular market. Basically double what a Nintendo Switch Lite laptop costs.

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