WhatsApp: a feature that is in high demand by users is just around the corner!

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most widely used communication platforms in the world. It’s simple, works well, and gets regular updates. Not as many as the competition, that’s true. No matter how they arrive. Now there is a new feature that is very popular among users that is already coming to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: a feature that is in high demand by users is just around the corner!

Over time, people have always asked Facebook to add reactions to WhatsApp. Now you’ve finally heard that feedback. In fact, the green chat platform is already adding the feature to Android and iOS and we can already see how it will work thanks to the WaBetainfo website.

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As you can see in the screenshot above, this company has added a new option to their settings that allows you to control whether we want to receive notifications of responses to messages we send. Interestingly, this function came by accident temporarily, but was removed again very quickly.

According to Leak, a message can have an infinite number of reactions. However, we can choose any emoji from a selection box. However, if the number is greater than 999, it will read about 999+. In the meantime, users can see the full list of users who responded to the message.

This novelty is still under development and it is not known for sure when it will reach all users. However, since it has already appeared in the Android beta, this will likely happen faster than expected.

But there is one more feature on the way to WhatsApp. It’s just that we can choose who sees our status online. This is unquestionably great news for those looking for more privacy. That way, we don’t have to make decisions that cover everyone, but rather make the decisions on a more personal basis and only block those that interest us. Or rather, who doesn’t interest us so much. It’s actually a novelty from WhatsApp to think about the boring ones.

WhatsApp is getting new to protect us from anger

Sometimes we just want to access the messaging app, read old conversations, or talk to someone privately without having to see our online status. It’s just that when they see that we are connected, they can start sending us multiple messages that we don’t want. So far it has been possible to do it, but for everyone. However, in the future we will be able to block certain people. That way they can still talk to us, but they don’t know when we were online or if we are currently online. This was another popular feature on WhatsApp.

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This is excellent news without a doubt. But Facebook does not yet offer this function.

This novelty, shall we say, is a kind of light blocker so as to be less disturbed by someone. In other words, for those who are boring but who we like.

But there is another function. Even if we “block” someone, we can still see everything about that person, even if they were online.

This feature will arrive in the beta version of WhatsApp.

But there is other news. The second relates to messages that disappear. It was something that came to Android and iOS last year, but with some caveats. We now have more control over the operation. We can choose an expiration date within 90 days, 7, 24 hours or switch off the function.

whatsapp requested

Finally, when using the multi-device function, WhatsApp no ​​longer sends notifications of the security code change when the device list is updated. This is something that can get pretty annoying.

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