‘What We Know’: The Open Reel Releases First Trailer

The leading Italian distribution and production company The Open Reel has released the trailer for the debut feature film “What We Know” by the young Spanish director Jordi Núñez, produced by Valencia’s Pegatum Transmedia, brightly lit beaches in southern Spain.

“What We Know” follows Carla, a cute young waitress who works in a beach restaurant and takes care of her sick mother. As an ambitious student, Clara dreams of a life that has more to offer. One afternoon at work, she is invited by Victor, a charismatic and attractive classmate, and his friends to spend the day at the beach. Carla is instantly in love and her feelings are quickly reciprocated, resulting in an intense and deep pull that will have a lasting impact on both young lovers in this classic coming-of-age story.

In the trailer, we meet Clara and Victor, as well as several key supporting characters, including Victor’s best friend Martin, who has his own feelings despite a loving and committed relationship with his friend Jaime, and Marina, another Victor admirer who makes injections into the life of the Protagonists of the film.

Nuñez makes his feature film debut with “What We Know” after several successful short films, including his master project “Pixels”, which has garnered more than 11 million views on YouTube. In the trailer we get a foretaste of the vibrant color palettes and the airy aesthetics of several of his short films.

“’What We Know’ arises from the need to tell stories that react to and accompany my vital pulse,” explains Nuñez. “As with my short films, I’m interested in characters who meet love for the first time and who have to learn to deal with the fear of loss. I am also curious about the chance that cinema offers to navigate through time, to examine the relationship between what could be and what was not, along with the need to accept the past and the present in order to build a future . “

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