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If, in the past few days or weeks, you have been watching posts of emojis with green and yellow squares on social networks – like Twitter – as if they were forming tetrominos, so Wortle. It might look like a post from Tetris or something like that but it really is a play on words and the posts are proof of the results without ruining other players’ responses.

In this simple puzzle, you have to discover the same five letter word that changes daily. You only have six tries to do it or you will “lose” the day in Wordle. At the moment it is only available in English. The fewer attempts or the smaller the final picture of the results, the better your level and you will collect a winning streak for every day that has passed.

how to play Wordle

How do you play Wordle?

It has no cost. All you need to start is a browser with an internet connection on your PC, Mac, mobile device or console and go to this address. It’s the same puzzle for everyone, but the only way to compare your performance with other players is to share the final picture of the results on networks.

To solve the daily word puzzles in Wordle you need to consider the following:

  • You have to discover a real five letter word.
  • After entering the word, the game will display hints with the letters in the right place (Green box), the letters that are part of the word but are not in the right place (yellow box) and the letters that are not part of the word (gray box).
  • With these hints in mind – if you didn’t spot the word on the first try, it’s normal – you can use the remaining tries to rehearse other words, discard letters, secure others, and finally discover.
  • If you are unsuccessful after six tries, it is game over for that day.

When the results are displayed, you will have the option to share them. These are the colored boxes that you see on social networks. For example, the cover photo in this article will look like this after it’s published (automatically uses emojis).

It’s definitely not how Tetriseven if it seems.

Josh Wardle, the creators of Wordle, created this type of sharing so other players could understand what they were seeing without ruining the response. Very resourceful and interesting promoter. At least you already know that the fewer rows of squares and the more green you see, the better it is. If you are not using dark mode the gray boxes are white, important clarificationn.

Activate hard mode in Wordle

There is a way to challenge Wordle a little. In the gear in the upper right corner – where you can toggle dark mode on or off and activate another option for high contrast – you’ll see the option for hard mode. In this mode, you cannot try other words that do not use the clues found (green and yellow squares). So trial and error is not an option.

Finally, and as the greatest challenge, try to get as much streak as you can, or days to discover the right word.

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