What do the names of the characters in My Hero Academia mean?

Ever wondered where some character names came from? My hero academy like Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki or Katsuki Bakugo? If not, you should know that most of these heroes do not have such common names or surnames as they were created from puns based on the imagination of Kohei Horikoshi.

Basically the names of the characters from My hero academy can give us a lot of details about what specifics (Quirks) have, what they like or even what they are based on. Some are more creative than others, so below we explain where some are from and what they mean:

Names in My hero academy: What does Izuku Midoriya mean?

What does Izuku Midoriya mean?

In the case of the protagonist of this anime, the surname Midoriya (緑谷) can be read as “Green Valley”. This makes sense since both he and his mother have green hair and eyes. Plus, his hero suit has always been that color.

On the other hand, Izuku (出 久) doesn’t have much sense of meaning (it has the characters “left” and “long time”), but the nickname ‘Deku’ is closely related. The reason for this is that it’s a different way of reading the same signs. In fact, there are many people by the name of ‘Dekune’ (出 久 根).

Names in My hero academy: What does Ochako Uraraka mean?

What does Ochako Uraraka mean?

The surname Uraraka (麗 日) is made up of the symbols for “beauty” and “sun / day”. This would not be relevant if her hero name wasn’t ‘Heaviness‘(pronounced as ‘Urabiti’ in Japanese). The second character can be pronounced not only as “ka”, but also as “hi” or “bi”. In other words, ‘Urabi’ is in his last name.

The name Ochako (お 茶 子) can be interpreted as “little tea”. English tea is’torch‘so that the English pronunciation of tea forms the last syllable of’Heaviness

Names in My hero academy: What does Katsuki Bakugo mean?

What does Katsuki Bakugo mean?

Bakugo (爆 豪) has the characters for «Big Bang«. This not only makes sense with its peculiarity, but also relates to his hero name: Big explosion of murder god Dynamight / (大 爆 殺 神 ダ イ ナ マ イ ト, pronounced as Daibakusashin Dainamaito).

Tsuyu Asui

This beloved heroine frog has the name of this animal in the first character of her last name (蛙 吹). Also, the name ‘Tsuyu’ (梅雨) literally means ‘rainy season’, which she (and most amphibians) enjoy immensely.

Names in My hero academy: What does Shoto Todoroki mean?

What does Shoto Todoroki mean?

This one is pretty easy. The name Shoto (焦 凍) contains the characters for “burn / char” and “ice”.

Denki Kaminari

This name is so obvious that he makes fun. Denki (電 気) literally means “electricity”. In addition, the meaning of the Kaminari characters (上 鳴) is not as important as their pronunciation, as they sound exactly like the word «lightning» (雷 /Kaminari).

Momo yaoyorozu

We know that this heroine can materialize many things out of her body. Therefore his surname (八 百万) must literally mean “eight million” and his name is “one hundred” (百).

Ashido mine

The surname Ashido (芦 戸) sounds similar to ‘ashiddo’ (ア シ ッ ド), the Japanese pronunciation of the English word ‘Acid ‘. In his name (三 奈) the first character alone can also be read as “Saints‘, Pronunciation identical to the Japanese word for acid: 酸.

Shota aizawa

The first character of the name Shota (消 太) means «delete«. It makes sense, especially when his hero name is Eraser Head.

Ida Tenya

The meaning of its signs does not matter, as the name of this sign is based on the Buddhist god Skanda, who is called Idaten (韋 駄 天) in Japanese. This deity is known to run very fast.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

Despite its peculiarity that makes it steel, it literally means “Hierrohierro Hierrohierro”, at least phonetically (鉄 哲徹 鐵).

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