what comes and changes with update # 2 and 3

After his postponement and a long time frame that many players got to test it out early on, Battlefield 2042 saw the light of day on November 19th. Unfortunately, DICE’s shooter title stood out for its excess of “bugs” and the lack of certain features that should be essential in an AAA game.

Fortunately, DICE has released a statement for gamers discussing the fixes brought about by the next updates from. will come Battlefield 2042. In this note, we will highlight the major changes that will come in the days to come.

What changes and news will be 2 of. To update Battlefield 2042?

  • Fixed the ‘bug’ that prevented a soldier from being resuscitated if they died near an object or wall.
  • A respawn protection system comes along that will help avoid situations that could result in a player being trapped in a “down” state by forcing a respawn.
  • The interaction with the UAV-1 is shown on the maps of. restored Bad company 2 At Battlefield Portal. Before it was too powerful, but DICE made the changes necessary to compensate for it.
  • The following vehicles are being ‘nerfed’: LCAA Hovercraft, MD540 Nightbird, AH-64GX Apache Warchief, and KA-520 Super Hokum. To see the specific changes we recommend reading the Update 2 notes for Battlefield 2042.
  • The spread of all weapons is reduced. The only exception is shotguns.
  • The vertical recoil of PP-29 is increased.
  • Breakthrough games are successfully ended as soon as the last sector has been conquered.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in players entering a match from Battlefield Portal they have been sent back to the main menu.
  • The stability of the game is improved.

When will Update 2 be available? Battlefield 2042?

Update 2 from Battlefield 2042 will be available from November 25th, 2021.

What changes and news will be 3 of. To update Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 Bugfix 2 3 Fixes Update
  • The collections menu is improved for easier navigation.
  • Player cards receive upgrades.
  • New markings are added to make it easier to find new items.
  • The transition screens when entering and exiting the main menu are improved.
  • The ability to report players becomes more versatile.
  • Matchmaking in all game modes will be improved.
  • Weekly missions are being introduced that offer cosmetic rewards.
  • Hazard Zone’s first game offers a bonus of 1000 HZC.
  • Fixed a “bug” that prevented Angel from receiving additional XP from replenishment.
  • The calculation of experience and mastery will be more accurate.
  • Several graphical ‘bugs’ are corrected. These concern soldiers, cards and other items.

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  • Battlefield Portal You will receive new customization tools and various interface improvements.
  • The display of the danger zone has received several improvements. This includes the interface and the smoke visibility from the extraction zone. Various graphical and technical “bugs” are also fixed.
  • In Conquest, the information displayed on the screen is reduced to avoid visual saturation.
  • The recording times are changed in Breakthrough. Respawns are also being improved so that players don’t spawn at hotspots.
  • A list is added showing soldiers who can resuscitate the player if they are on the ground.
  • A list is added showing soldiers to mark the downed player for resuscitation.
  • When the ammo or health is low, a symbol appears over the allied players. This way they can share ammo and / or lives with any teammate.
  • Various graphical and technical “bugs” in connection with the use of vehicles are fixed.
  • Vehicles and enemies gain health bars.
  • The number of icons is reduced to avoid visual clutter.

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  • The visibility of the symbols on the battlefield is improved.
  • The time remaining to be resuscitated can be seen by the dejected player.
  • Soldier icons display correctly when knocked down.
  • The names of the players are displayed correctly.
  • An option to disable tutorials will be enabled.
  • Messages are added when a player shares life and / or ammo with another.
  • The options for color blind players will work correctly.
  • The intelligence of the bots is improved. Not only will they revive players, but they’ll also land helicopters properly.
  • Sound effects are enhanced to encourage orientation and immersion.
  • All devices, both general and exclusively for specialists, receive changes.
  • The range of the melee attack is reduced. Various graphical and technical errors related to this promotion will also be fixed.

When will Update 3 be available? Battlefield 2042?

Update No. 2 from Battlefield 2042 will be available in December 2021.

Battlefield 2042 It’s coming to Xbox Series X | S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Steam, Origin and the Epic Games Store. To see everything that was revealed about the game We recommend following this link.

Source: Electronic Arts Official Site

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