Western Digital will have a 20 TB hard drive. It costs “only” € 700

With the world of SSDs relying on pure, hard speed, there is only one way to get to the old, but still very popular technology that brings traditional mechanical hard drives (HDD) to life … Increased storage capacity!

Well, within that thread, we say hello to a 20TB drive from Western Digital. Yes … 20 TB on a single hard drive. The problem is the price, after all, one of these drives is said to cost more than $ 680 on the open market.

Western Digital will have a 20 TB hard drive. It costs “only” 700 €

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Earlier this year, Western Digital announced the release of a new HDD drive that can store a staggering 20TB of information. At the time, however, nothing was said about the price or even the availability.

Well, back in November, the WD Gold 20TB drive with OptiNAND technology (which essentially means using embedded storage for metadata storage) appeared out of nowhere on the company’s online store for $ 680 with an estimated shipping date between 1 and 2 weeks.

Interestingly, we also have another 20TB hard drive called Ultrastar for which we don’t have availability or pricing information yet, but which should be even more expensive than this new WD Gold 20TB hard drive.

To be honest, however, 20TB is nothing special for these giants in the storage world.

Ultimately, Seagate already released drives with this capability and HAMR technology last year. And of course, as you can imagine, both Seagate and Western Digital already have plans to launch 30TB drives in the next year. In fact, Seagate plans to reach 100TB by 2030.

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