We can now nominate our favorite games for the Steam Awards 2021

As every year, Steam – the largest video game platform for the PC – is preparing its own award ceremony. Users can suggest which games are nominated for certain categories.

To participate we just need to access the award website and login with our Steam account. We are only allowed to select games released in 2021 for each of the categories, with the exception of “With Love and Dedication”.

We have until December 1, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (Colombian time) to introduce our nominees.

We can now nominate our favorite games for the Steam Awards 2021

The categories for the Steam Awards 2021 are:

  • GAME OF THE YEAR– Maybe it was due to its immersive gameplay or gripping storyline, well-designed characters, flawless design or addicting multiplayer mode. Whatever the reason, the winner of the Best Game of the Year award is an instant classic.
  • VR GAME OF THE YEARVR game of the year isn’t just presented as normal reality. This game perfects reality, uses the VR medium and goes to the limits of the virtual environment.
  • WITH LOVE AND DEDICATION– This game has been available for a while. Gone are the days when the creators of this game announced the debut of their creative baby, but being good parents they have continued to develop and support their creation. This game is still getting new content right now, even after all these years.
  • BETTER WITH FRIENDS: There are some games that are not as fun if you play them alone. Maybe you need to have a friend to have your back. Maybe you need a friend to betray. In any case, fun awaits those who meet up with their friends to play these games.
  • EXCEPTIONAL VISUAL STYLE– The visual style does not seek true graphical fidelity (although this is a noble goal in itself) … describes a distinctive look and feel that permeates an entire game.
  • MOST INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY: The creators of this game are at the forefront of experimentation, offering new perspectives and incredible surprises. This game delights, inspires and entertains with its original elements.
  • BEST GAME YOU DON’T PLAY: This is the game that rewards perseverance, although not for everyone. It’s the toughest game we’ve ever loved.
  • BEST SOUNDTRACK– This anonymous hero deserves credit for his extraordinary soundtrack. It’s definitely the best!
  • PLAY WITH A GREAT STORY– Some days only one game with a lot of storytelling will hit the mark and this one is a huge hit. It’s as gripping as any soap opera and as well tuned as a prestigious TV script. Bravisimo: for making us feel this way!
  • Lean back and relax: This game is the perfect antidote to a busy day – it’s calm, relaxing, and it will melt your worries away. It is your zen moment.

Speaking of awards, here you can find out the nominees for The Game Awards 2021.

Source: 2021 Steam Awards website

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