Waze has another problem in CarPlay and there is no solution

It’s true that Waze is one of the best uses to always get to your destination on time. It is not without its flaws, however, and in fact several have been discovered recently. The most recent concerns its use on the CarPlay platform. If we were previously aware of the bug that caused the audio controls to stop working, now there is a new issue related to Waze’s dark mode on the CarPlay platform.

Waze has another problem in CarPlay and there is no solution (for now)

Dark mode no longer works properly in CarPlay and this problem is very common. Previously it was thought that the problem was related to the Apple operating system. However, it could also be caused by Waze itself. At least judging by the comments in the Google forums. Anyway, everything worked fine until an update came for iOS and mixed it all up.

Waze CarPlay

It didn’t go that well with CarPlay and although the desire to solve the problems is great, at least on the part of the users, the corrections should not come in the near future.

However, this isn’t the only problem affecting Waze. Is that the police and radar information fails for some users and therefore things can go wrong if they choose to trust this information.

Waze: Police and radar intelligence fail for some!

This problem was discovered a few weeks ago and in fact the information that is incorrectly displayed is that from stop operations and radars as reported by the AutoEvolution website.

Waze CarPlay

This thread has already reached the Waze forums where some more details will be revealed.

The first thing people noticed was that if they got to a place where there was previously a radar, there was no display or warning. Needless to say, this can result in large fines. Especially for those who normally walk with their foot on the pedal.

Waze CarPlay

However, some users have already had a different experience. They flagged a STOP operation that was not running, for testing purposes only, and it appeared, but the radar indicator did not. And in other cases it’s the other way around.

At this point it is not clear what is causing this problem. The worst part is that this is a situation that does not affect everyone. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. All of this makes it difficult to find a solution.

Now we have to wait for the Waze team to see what’s going on and solve the problem. Otherwise we will have a lot of drivers with additional fines.

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