Watch Bidoof’s Great Journey, a fun new Pokémon short film

It’s finally time for one of Sinnoh’s most “ignored” denizens to shine! For some time now, The Pokémon Company has been putting heavy emphasis on new animated works in the franchise outside of the main anime. Some good examples are the series developments or the adorable ones Pokémon, to which the beautiful short belongs Wait Magikarp! We now have a new Pokémon animation called Bidoof’s great journey.

This short film, directed by Chinese-American animator Shaofu Zhang, is best known for his work on Lego Ninjago– focuses on a Bidoof who doesn’t fit well into his community and joins the adventure of a Pokémon trainer.

Watch Bidoof's Great Journey, a fun new Pokémon short film

For many years, Bidoof was not held in high esteem. This Normal-type Pokémon first appeared in Generation 4 (diamond Yes pearl). It was mainly used to exploit MO like “Slash” and “Rock Slam”. Bidoof’s great journey he approaches this with great humor and grace. Fortunately, this creature has won many fans. Now we see him in many memes and “merchandising” of the saga.

We loved this little Bidoof story and would love to see more animation that resembles this Pokemon short. Which character would you like to see lead?

Source: Official Pokémon Latam Channel on YouTube

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