Was Jesse Stewart Really Dead? Cold Beer Folk Punk Star Death – Wikipedia and net worth

Was Jesse Stewart Really Dead? Cold Beer Folk Punk Star Death – Wikipedia and Net Worth Is he really gone? Let’s look at that.

Jesse Stewart is a musician from Canada. He became famous after releasing his hit cover song Cold Beer in 2014 (Cry Tunes).

The music video received over 13 million views on Youtube. His songs helped him gain 122 thousand subscribers to date.

Stewart hasn’t posted anything on his YouTube channel in a long time. Many people think he is no longer alive. We know that so far.

Is Jesse Stewart Really Dead?

Jesse Stewart is only rumored to be dead. That’s because he hasn’t released any new music in the past few years.

His last song album was released in 2019 and is entitled Shed Life. The album contains a total of ten new songs.

With his recent disappearance from the music industry, fans have speculated that he is dead.

Some Redditors also claim that he went north long after his trip. While some say he was seen assaulting a woman.

However, there is no such news of Jesse Stewart’s obituary or death. Therefore we cannot confirm the information.

His social media profile on Twitter with the handle @jessesdirty is also inactive for a long time.

Jesse Stewart Wikipedia: Who is the Cold Beer Folk Punk Star?

Jesse Stewart is currently missing a Wikipedia bio. He appears to be in his thirties but couldn’t find out his age or birthday dates.

His popular songs are Cold beer, Marauders, To become old, Siren call, When you’re gone, Broken in half, and many more.

The Canadian singer was also known for covering various popular songs. His favorite thing to do was to play the ukelele.

In 2019 Stewart released his first full-length album, Shedding life through Mile-Ex records. Its popularity continued to grow.

However, he has not published anything on his YouTube channel since then.

Stewart also has an active Instagram profile. The username is @playeverythingfast, to date he has amassed more than 7.3k followers.

Jesse Stewart Earns From Youtube: His Asset Information

Jesse Stewart’s net worth will exceed $ 25,000 in 2021. His average earnings range from $ 1,570 to $ 4,458 per video.

By rough estimates, his median monthly salary is between $ 203,000 and $ 578,000.

In addition, Stewart also makes money from merchandise sales through his online shop.

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