Was Ellis Genge Arrested: True or False? Where is he now? Meet his wife or girlfriend

Was Ellis Genge Arrested: True or False?  Where is he now?  Meet his wife or girlfriend

Due to his rugby career, he often made headlines as he often got into trouble despite a successful sporting career. Follow our site 247newsaroundtheworld.com for more updates!!!

Ellis Genge Arrested: True or False? Details of his prison sentence and charges

Any news stating that Ellis Genge has been arrested to date or as of the filing of this report is false.

The latest controversy stems from a Sunday game in which he gouged out an eye and pulled the hair of a Wasps teammate, Wasps wing Francois Hougaard.

Genge was punished for his actions by netizens on social media.

Genge has since apologized for his actions, although he dismisses some of the discussions as ridiculous.

Similarly, Leicester lost to the Wasps 16–13, marking the Wasps’ first win in many years.

While Genge has not been charged with any legal issues as a result of the game, he has been arrested numerous times in the past.

Although he was not convicted, he was involved in some serious fights that landed him in prison for a while.

Where is Ellis Genge now?

Ellis Genge currently works at Leicester Tigers headquarters.

He is originally from Bristol but has lived in various cities across England as part of his sporting career.

Although the details of his whereabouts are not released, it is safe to say that Genge is devoted to England and his team.

Genge became a national team player in 2016 and has been a member of the national team ever since.

Meet his wife or girlfriend

Beauden Barrett, Ellis Genge’s longtime girlfriend-turned-woman is his wife.

They were together a long time before they got married.

Also, the couple has a baby boy named Ragh Ellis Genge. Although Ragh can often be seen on Genge’s social media platforms, his wife has chosen not to be in the spotlight.

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