Warning: If you have installed this app for chatting, you are in danger!

There are applications for a wide variety of purposes. Some to entertain us, others to make our lives easier, and those that are mandatory for us to communicate. Most of the time, however, dangers lurk in these applications. So there is a very dangerous threat called GravityRAT that is hidden in a chat app. It’s actually another point-to-point encrypted communication app called SoSafe Chat that a lot of people install because of its features!

Warning: If you have installed this app for chatting, you are in danger!

It started in some countries on the other side of the world and is now spreading everywhere. But there is another question. It appears to be aimed primarily at special security guards and high ranks.

Chat app

We had already seen this threat in 2020, but it was built into an app called Travel Mate Pro, but with the pandemic, travel began to decline. After all, we were in custody. So the threat creators had to focus on something else.

The SoSafe Chat app is advertised as one of the most secure messaging apps and, as WhatsApp says, has end-to-end encryption. At the moment the website of the app is still working.

How does this app reach people?

Users learn about this chat through advertising on social networks, as mentioned on the BleepingComputer website. In fact, Facebook and Instagram are becoming the main distribution channels.

Once this application is installed on the victim’s device, all hell breaks loose. So he manages to perform several malicious actions. Spy on the user including all messages and photos. In addition, it can read phone information, view call logs, record sound, and much more.

Chat app

It is true that when installing this application, we may find some of the requested permissions strange. The list is huge. However, this happens in many chat apps.

What has changed from the first version of the threat?

Many things. Compared to the 2020 version, it can now record audio and track the person’s location. In other words, it means that GravityRAT is in development and will eventually appear in many more applications.

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