War after the Zasca of Carlota Corredera due to his separation from Olga Moreno. confirmed

Antonio David Flores, conversation with Carlota Corredera in Sálvame

There is no going back. One could say that the “war” Save me-Antonio David Flores has already started. Allegations, statements and overlaps of allegations between the program that once exiled the former Guardia Civil and the ex-husband of Rocío Carrasco and which recently separated from Olga Moreno.

Everything came with the divorce of Antonio David and Olga Moreno. A breakup that took place months ago and has now been spotted in the media. The former Guardia Civil broke his silence after nine days and confirmed the news. But in addition he attacked the press and made a rudeness to Save me with his strategic move.

Antonio David confirms his divorce

As if that wasn’t enough, and after going from Mediaset journalist to his partner at Ya es Noon, a program his daughter Rocío Flores is working on, it was very clear. “I was branded unfaithful, those who wanted to destroy a marriage did it”, blaming the press for guilty of their breakup and denying Sálvame’s information.

Antonio David’s Arrow

The former Guardia Civil indicated that programs like Sálvame were responsible for their separation and this in the Sálvame dome. would not have been a good fit. Carlota Corredera was responsible for responding directly to Antonio David, who had also denied his relationship with Marta Riesco. “It’s okay to be nonsense and to blame us for everything,” said Carlota Corredera.

Gema López, for her part, also attacked AD. “You can’t blame us for your marriage crashing, he continued to participate in this circus when a bus arrived full of women with whom he had allegedly been unfaithful to Olga “.

Antonio David Flores: The Secrets of His Separation from Olga Moreno SD

They accuse Antonio David of spinning a plot against Save me

The conclusion on set was clear. “He knew how to choose the moment and the program and blamed us. ” Antonio David Flores had planned his statements and attacks perfectly for the collaborators of Sálvame.

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