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Vincent Terrell Jackson was born on January 14, 1983 in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA to parents who served in the US Air Force. He is a professional American football player best known as a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL). He has been in the league since 2005 and all of his efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Vincent Jackson? As of the end of 2017, sources estimated a net worth of $ 50 million, mostly made through successes in professional football. During his last contract, he is said to have made $ 25 million annually. He is currently a free agent, but as he continues his efforts, his fortune is expected to continue growing too.


Vincent Jackson net worth of $ 50 million


Vincent attended Widefield High School, and during his time there were prominent positions in both basketball and soccer. He received good grades and was also awarded numerous honors in football. After his enrollment, he attended the University of Northern Colorado on a partial scholarship and continued to play both sports there, including with the Northern Colorado Bears, one of the few real newbies to have ever played for the team. He earned All-American honors as a punt returner and broke numerous records as part of the Bears. He was also a starter for their basketball team.

In 2005 Jackson joined the NFL Draft and was selected in the second round by the San Diego Chargers. He got off to a slow start due to injuries but would eventually get his first touchdown pass the following season. He became the wide receiver for the Chargers in 2007 and became one of the team’s top players. He had a career high season in 2008 and became the first Chargers wide receiver to receive 1,000 yards. Another strong season followed the following year, and the team would advance to the playoffs. He also made his first Pro Bowl appearance, but was later banned for violating the league’s personal code of conduct. He also missed 10 weeks of the 2010 season due to contract disputes. After the 2011 season lockout, he was awarded a $ 11.4 million contract, which significantly added to his net worth.

After the season, Vincent signed a five-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers worth $ 55.55 million that took his net worth to a climax. He became team captain and set several records. Despite the Buccaneers’ fights, he continued to perform excellently over the next few seasons, ending the 2014 season for the sixth time in his career with over 1000 yards. However, its numbers began to decline in 2015 due to inconsistent play and injuries. He retired from the Buccaneers in 2016 and was placed on the injured reserve list after suffering a knee injury in Week 5.

For his personal life it is known that Jackson married Lindsey Van Deweghe in 2011. He also promoted physical fitness at Northwest Elementary and guided students there through physical education.

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