Valencia CF – Villarreal CF: Notes from Valencia CF after the game against Villarreal CF

The ‘6’ celebrates the first matchday against Villarreal.

Valencia CF regained their smile with a solvent win in the regional duel against Villarreal. Those of José Bordalás come from a negative hit streak to scan the horizon with positivism, while the yellow ones, after a week of adding just one point, are still sinking into an already considered crisis. Guillamón raised the fief of Mestalla with an authentic work of art and soler, at the same time as his return from injury, Put the icing on the cake by converting a penalty caused by Foulquier.

Cillessen (7)

In time: The only time he had to intervene was with an outstanding stop. The Dutchman broke off the meeting after taking a hard and saving hand from a boat after a shot by Aurier.

Foulquier (6)

From less to more: The site has worked a lot trying to stop the ’15’. He was often beaten, but his throw-in against Guillamón resulted in a goal and resulted in the 2-0 penalty.

Paulista (6)

character: His mistakes against Betis were forgotten after he regained his strength. He hit the ground successfully several times. Unsurprisingly, he was unlucky enough to pull away uncomfortably.

Alderete (6)

Redeemed: With his fastest version, the Paraguayan removed the thorn he missed his penalty in Villamarín. Not only static, but also in court and with foresight.

Gaya (7)

Adjusted: Villarreal prevented him from showing his offensive version despite catching two punts in two corners that went just wide. Even so, they rarely left Pedreguer.

Guillamón (8)

Good player: The Valencian youth squad left the medium to return to the defensive, although they were always prone to intense attacks. His goal full of charisma and coldness was a true work of art.

Water (6)

Attentive: The Dane took on the responsibility of livening up the game from the middle of the field and catching gallons of set pieces. Its correct performance and delivery was reflected in the end result.

Breed (5)

Unhappy: In the first few seconds, the Serb suffered a blow in the knee from Coquelin that almost prevented him from continuing. After good tactical sections, his body said enough in 51 ‘.

Guedes (6)

bully: He wasn’t entirely successful, but he never stopped trying and leaving everything on the grass. Gestures that Mestalla thanked him with an ovation. Albiol robbed him of his goal on the goal line.

Heroes’ Coast (7)

Remarkable: The winger left the headline and used his moment with considered actions and positioned himself as a great resource for the counterattack. He was also very disciplined in defense.

Marcos André (5)

Cannot be found: The second possession of the tip in a row was not accompanied by an incident in the game. He went unnoticed, even though his people, with little luck, were looking for him. It wasn’t his day.

Jose Bordalas (7)

Intelligent: The Alicante coach thought it appropriate to change the drawing and put five men in the back. The plan worked for him to reset the bolt and end the series of negatives.


Carlos Soler (7)

To return: The ’10’ returned after getting over his discomfort and kissed the saint. He threw the penalty and scored.

Thierry Correia (6)

Reappear: Like Soler, he came back after an injury, doubled up on the side and helped in defense from the right.

Mouctar Diakhaby (5)

Right: He came out before Paulista’s injury and worked together at the back to stop the yellow offenses at the end.

Hugo Duro (5)

Intranscendent: He stepped on the field for Guedes, but the ball barely went through his boots.

Piccini (5)

Happy: The Italian defender regained his smile when he made his debut this year and took on a physical tone.

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