Unexpectedly! Xbox Series S is selling better than Series X.

PlayStation 5 wins the new console war, and Microsoft is once again in an uncomfortable second or even third place as Nintendo breathed new life into it with the introduction of the OLED switch.

But amidst all of that, we have some rather curious information … In some key markets, the lower-priced Xbox Series S outperforms its better-equipped (and more expensive) sister, the Xbox Series X.

Unexpectedly! Xbox Series S is selling better than Series X.

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So, according to Ampere Analytics, which accounts for 11 months of the next-gen console market, the Xbox Series S is making a big impression in several key markets. Like this? Well, it’s impossible to get exact numbers, but the research firm estimates that consoles are split 50/50 in some very important areas.

This is very important and just as curious, because in contrast to the PS5 ‘Digital Edition’, which, with the exception of the Blu-Ray player, is the same as the normal version of the console, the Xbox Series S is significantly less powerful, preferring 1440p gameplay instead of the super desired 4K. What is the reason this is all happening? Well … the price! Aside from the price, it seems less complex and cheaper to manufacture. Microsoft doesn’t suffer from as many missing component issues.

Interestingly, in the recent past, both Ed Book (co-creator of Mortal Kombat) and Phil Spencer (head of the Xbox division) have claimed that the Xbox Series S could well be the best-selling console of this generation Xbox. Maybe … you were right!

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Was the Xbox Series S a good move? Despite what has now been said, at the time of release, many studios were watching the console. Why? Because it would limit the whole new generation of games. Well … let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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