Ubisoft adds Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFTs and gets a lot of criticism

History repeats itself. We reported in October Behavior Interactive’s very negative reaction when it announced its support for a pinhead NFT through Dead by daylight. Now it’s the turn of Ubisoft, which hasn’t stopped receiving heavy criticism since the announcement of Ubisoft Quartz, a system through which it will launch NFTs called Digits Ghost Enlightenment Stop.

Numbers are cosmetics that Ubisoft plans to release in limited editions, where each item has a unique serial number and metadata with a history of its previous owners. Unlike other DLC, these can be bought and sold outside of the game on platforms like Rarible and Objkt.

The community’s reaction was immediate and utterly negative. The announcement video received more than 22,000 “dislikes”. Ubisoft was forced to remove it from the list due to the huge negative reactions it received. The number of “Dislikes” votes can be viewed thanks to the Chrome browser extensions.

The reasons for rejection are the same that we discussed in our article. have expressed why NFTs are a bad idea in video games. Digits or DLC NFTs from Ubisoft Quartz at Ghost Recon: Breakpoint they don’t really differ from the existing ones. Their sale could take place without recourse to blockchain technology. Ars Technica’s website explains the reasons why this Ubisoft suggestion doesn’t make sense.

Regarding the environmental issue, Ubisoft ensures that the “proof-of-stake” system they use does not cause the serious environmental damage that the traditional “proof-of-work” of other transactions has. However, some specialists say that this system is not so secure.

Digits or DLC NFTs from Ubisoft Quartz at Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Sales will begin on December 9, 2021 in select markets via the quartz.ubisoft.com website. It is not available for Colombia.

Source: Ubisoft Quartz

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