U.S. automaker and union agree not to require coronavirus vaccines for workers

Detroit’s three major automakers – General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler parent Stellantis – announced Tuesday that they were not yet mandating vaccines for thousands of workers.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) gave a Joint announcement Companies said they would require masking in workplaces even though they don’t mandate vaccines. However, unionized workers are encouraged to report their vaccination status on a voluntary basis.

The statement said the groups would continue to “urge all members, colleagues, and their families to get vaccinated and booster vaccinations for COVID-19, while understanding that there are personal reasons that discourage some members from being vaccinated could, such as B. health problems ”. or religious beliefs. “

“The more UAW members, employees and their families are vaccinated and given boosters, the faster this deadly pandemic can be defeated,” the statement said.

However, the Biden government wants employers to mandate vaccinations.

Regulations issued by the labor protection agency that have been the subject of some legal backlash would require companies with 100 or more employees to either vaccinate workers against COVID-19 or test them weekly. Unvaccinated employees are required to mask indoors starting December 5 and then have weekly tests if they remain unvaccinated through January 4.

Dozens of health groups last week encouraged companies to voluntarily implement it the Biden government’s coronavirus policy requiring vaccinations or testing to keep workers and customers safe during the holiday season.

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