TSMC received 4 billion to reserve future capacity!

TSMC is undeniably the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world! And not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively … In the end, the most advanced and powerful processes are in the hands of this gigantic manufacturer, the other giants such as Apple, AMD, Qualcomm and, recently, even Intel.

In other words, with so much quality but limited production capacities, it is not easy to get a small contingent. So some of TSMC’s biggest partners are pushing the money up to get some sort of priority.

TSMC received 4 billion to reserve future capacity!

TSMC received

As a result, TSMC confirmed in its most recent annual financial statements that it has accepted several prepayments to continue with the production expansion. Something that is not uncommon in the semiconductor world … But here we are talking about record values ​​in this case! Is that in an unprecedented production crisis in this industry, TSMC accepted about $ 4 billion in advance payments, which of course are intended to increase production, but also to guarantee a quota immediately.

In other words, while the TSMC has in the past allowed bailouts to guarantee production capacity. (Money returned when the order was completed). The semiconductor giant is now accepting these deposits, but also a new type of advance payment. In other words, upfront money that is in no way refundable.

Of course, TSMC does not disclose many details about these agreements, nor does it disclose the customers. But of course Apple has to go along with this amount of money on the table! Just like AMD, which is now trying a bit desperately to ensure an acceptable level of production for its new generation of products. In addition to these two, NVIDIA and Qualcomm are also said to be involved.

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