Troll told Tory Brendan Clarke-Smith that he wanted his children DEAD after criticizing him for taking his knee

A Tory MP announced today that he was attacked by a sick online troll who said he hoped his children would die after criticizing Black Lives Matter supporters for taking their knee.

Brendan Clarke-Smith was molested in June after comparing the anti-racism gesture of English footballers to a Nazi salute from players before a pre-World War II game in Hitler’s Germany.

In the message, he was branded a “racist Tory bastard” by a man who said he hoped his children would die the same way George Floyd did.

The black American was killed by a white police officer who choked him by kneeling on his neck, which sparked the BLM movement.

In an interview with Gloria de Piero on GB News today, the Bassetlaw MP said his fellow Members were “far worse” but the comments emailed to his office “crossed the line” on it on abuse.

The offender, who was not one of his constituents, was later arrested and warned by police, he added.

“After making the comments about kneeling, I received particularly uncomfortable news that basically I was told to kneel on my children’s necks until they were dead because they wanted me to feel this pain.” he said.

Brendan Clarke-Smith was targeted in June after comparing the anti-racism gesture of English footballers to a Nazi salute given by players ahead of a pre-World War II game in Hitler’s Germany.

Tyrone Mings and Mason Mount took their knees in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier between England and Hungary at Wembley last night

“Well, I don’t have any kids, I only have one kid and you know it’s a keyboard warrior. But I still think I had to talk to my wife about it and give her instructions beforehand, just to say, look, please don’t get upset about it. Don’t take it too personally. It’s just idiots on a keyboard.

“It won’t happen in real life, but I think sometimes people forget the security we have.

“My house, you know, it’s been outfitted with panic alarms and new locks and everything. And my wife said why are we getting this? And you tell some of the stories colleagues had.

“In my case it was just a threat, the police took care of it, they were great and so on. But it only worries you in the future that something really bad might happen. ‘

In a speech in June, when the Euro 2020 finals were underway, he compared the knee to English players who gave a Nazi salute during a 1938 friendly against Germany.

After thousands booed at the posture ahead of Austria’s win on Wednesday, manager Gareth Southgate urged fans to support the players making the anti-discrimination gesture, but this failed to convince some sections of the crowd who played in the second warm-up game against England continued to mock on Sunday.

On a Facebook blog, Bassetlaw MP, Mr Clarke-Smith, disagreed with Southgate, arguing that footballers who get on their knees, despite their “admirable” desire to express their opposition to racism, supported the BLM , a “political movement” would be viewed. .

Brendan Clarke-Smith controversially cited England’s decision to hold a Nazi salute ahead of a 1938 friendly with Germany (pictured) to show that the “mixing of politics and football” had “catastrophic results”.

He mentioned England’s friendship with Germany in 1938 and how officials convinced players like Sir Stanley Matthews to ignore their concerns about attending a Nazi salute by assuring them it was a “formal gesture of courtesy” and no approval of the regime.

The players’ reluctantly agreed, ‘noted Mr Clarke-Smith, adding,’ The point here is that mixing politics and football, regardless of original intent, has been disastrous. Symbolism means a lot, both in football and in society, and we need to think carefully about how it is used. ‘

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