Trey Songz is accused of being a rapist

Trey Songz aka “Mr. Steal Your Girl is back on the news, this time around the rape accused by a former University of Las Vegas basketball star.

The special Valentine's Day concert by Trey Songz

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Dylan Gonzalez now part of the New Orleans Gators, tweeted, “Trey Songz is a rapist. Lord forgive me that I couldn’t keep this in another year. See you in 2022. “

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In fact, their comments, retweets, and likes have been flooded by users commenting on the allegation. Most of the people who answered Dylan simply said, “We believe you and we stand by you.”

Gonzalez didn’t say she was a victim personally, but we all know this isn’t the first time Trey has been accused of sexual assault.

Gonzalez rose to athletic fame with basketball and more recently played for the UNLV Rebels with her twin sister Dakota. In September, the Gonzalez twins signed the New Orleans Gators, Percy “Master P” Miller’s team, which, according to GMGB, is part of a global mixed-sex league. Gonzalez is also an aspiring music artist.

Around this time last year, Trey Songz was accused of sexual assault by a woman who was attending a New Year’s Eve party at Diddy’s home on Miami’s Star Island.

KeKe Palmer also shared a troubling story about Songz in 2017 when she was performing at The Breakfast Club. During her interview, she spoke about her breakup with Trey Songz and accused him of “sexual intimidation” for tricking her into being on the music video “Pick Up The Phone” while they were at a party. Palmer explained that she had to hide in a closet to avoid being filmed and was verbally abused by Songz.

Many people rejected and ignored KeKe’s concerns until Celina Powell came forward and filed charges against Songz. KeKe said it himself: “Black women say things so often and nobody cares, but someone of a different skin color, a different skin color says something and then it’s like we’re taking them to court! It’s time to get serious, #metoo. “

Trey responded to Powell’s allegations in a series of tweets.

“I’m usually silent about it, but I have a feeling that the movement that fights for the women who have actually been molested and abused on various levels has in many ways been kidnapped from those who find it convenient for themselves, on their search to come. “To destroy someone’s life,” he wrote.

On December 20, Jauhara Jeffries – who was attending Diddy’s aforementioned NYE party – filed a lawsuit against Songz in the Eleventh Judicial District of Florida. Jeffries claimed she stayed at the party a few hours before calling a rideshare service to take her and a few friends to the E11EVEN nightclub. Songz, who she said was drunk, reportedly overheard the conversation and said they could drive with him instead, by TheDailyBeast.

Jeffries and her boyfriend stated that when they got to the club’s private area they were injured with his fingers and Jeffries allegedly sought $ 10 million. In April he came to an agreement with the alleged victim. TheDailyBeast adds.

Trey and his management team didn’t respond to the latest allegation, but social media continues to do so weigh in.

You can read more from TheDailyBeast’s detailed report HERE.

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