Tracy Brabin calls Boris Johnson a “liar” during the angry GMB appearance

West Yorkshire Metro Mayoress Tracy Brabin appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning to discuss her disappointment with the new train schedule for the north.

The MP criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a “liar” and said she was not surprised by “another broken promise from the Prime Minister”.

It anticipates the heavily delayed Integrated Railroad Plan by Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps, due to be unveiled today Thursday, October 18.

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Yorkshire leaders prepare for disappointment as the government prepares to announce its long-awaited vision for the future of railways, which is expected to downgrade two major programs and the expectations of leaders in the region not be met.

Appearing on the ITV breakfast show via videolink, Tracey stated, “If HS2 stops in Sheffield we have a gap between Sheffield and Leeds and every day there are 100,000 people on the M1 from Leeds to Sheffield which takes 45 minutes so only 7 % of commuters use it.

“It should be 25 minutes with HS2, we could make this trip faster, the connectivity is not about a connection to London, it is not about faster times to London.

“It’s about capacity, it’s about having two options, this fast intercity line that people can use from Leeds to London, but that also frees up the connectivity between these cities which is absolutely at the heart of leveling .

“Every year that HS2 is not built in Leeds, we lose £ 1.7 billion worth of investments, we have the land in the South Bank ready and wait how long do we get the promised network of the 21st another broken promise of the prime minister.

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“And surely the Yorkshire people will be furious about it.”

Instead of a new high-speed line between Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds as part of the eastern section of HS2, there will only be one new line to the East Midlands and then only an updated line to Yorkshire.

And although Boris Johnson promised a new intercity line between Leeds and Manchester shortly after his appointment as Prime Minister in 2019, his plan for Northern Powerhouse Rail is to mainly upgrade the existing route via Huddersfield.

This means that Bradford – which has the worst rail link of any major city in the country – will not fulfill his wish for a new through station on a new route that would connect him to Leeds in seven minutes and Manchester in 20 minutes.

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