Toyota already said one thing about electrics. Rely on hydrogen!

Toyota was one of the first manufacturers to rely on electric drives, but for some reason always resisted to make the leap to 100% electric cars and thereby abandon the internal combustion engine.

Do you know why? For the Japanese manufacturer, the enemy is carbon and not the combustion engine. Therefore, the focus should not be just on a single technology, but rather on researching and developing new ways to use what we already have and know so well.

But let’s work in parts.

Toyota already said one thing about electrics. Bet on hydrogen

to electric.

While COP26 was taking place in Glasgow, Toyota’s chief executive was in Japan to try a hydrogen car! Which, in his opinion, could turn out to be the best possible and imaginary solution for the automotive sector.

This hydrogen powered car is nothing less than a Toyota Corolla Sport with a converted GR Yaris engine. A solution that for Akio Toyoda (CEO of Toyota Motors) is one of the solutions to keep internal combustion engines running in a carbon-free world.

Because … “Carbon neutrality does not mean just having one choice, just one solution, but keeping everything open.”

It is precisely for this reason that six giant brands in the automotive world (GM, Ford, Mercedes, Volvo, etc.) signed an agreement during the meeting in Glasgow to end production of fossil fuel cars by 2040. Toyota said a resounding no to this ban.

After all, according to Toyota, much of the world is not yet ready for a 100 percent switch to electric vehicles. In other words, the focus should be on CO2 neutrality and not blindly on electrical engineering. Interestingly, in addition to Toyota, VW, which has even strongly and ugly relied on electrified vehicles, decided not to be present and thus not signed the agreement.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Do you think Toyota is right? Are we making the leap to electric vehicles too quickly? Are there other solutions? Does the internal combustion engine still have a lot to give? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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