Toxicity in the game? Can be banned on all platforms!

Toxicity has been one of the most debated and debated issues when it comes to video games lately. Finally, as is well known, there is always the famous “clever Chico” who thinks he is more than others and thinks he can treat people badly and offend other people. This is clear without anything happening because we are in a virtual world. However, what if I told you that we may soon have a new system that allows us to block the same player on any platform we play on? That way no one ever bothered him again, either here or on Mars.

So this might even be a good idea since the one who recently revealed it was none other than Phil Spencer. However, nothing has been done and it may not even go that far. But see below and how this could work to improve our playtime across all platforms.

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Toxicity in the game? Can be blocked from all platforms!

blocked platforms

Therefore, the environment in which one lives in an online game from time to time, on each platform, is not always the best, and it is up to everyone who they want to play with. However, this is sometimes unavoidable. It is therefore necessary to take additional measures to ensure that a specific person is completely banned from playing with you.

So Phil Spencer suggests that if someone decides to block a player, they will be blocked on all platforms, so the person who blocked them cannot meet the same player again on another platform.

blocked platforms

In short, what do you think of this incredible idea that a specific player can be blocked on all platforms? Do you think you have legs to move forward or is it just too abrupt? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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