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Born August 26, 1963 in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA, Anthony J. Barbieri is a comedian, writer and performer, best known as Tony Barbieri for his appearances on the late night talk show Jimmy. is known as Kimmel Live! ”as Jake Byrd.

Have you ever wondered how much fortune this entertainer has amassed so far? How rich is Tony Barbieri? According to sources, Tony Barbieri’s total net worth at the end of 2017 is estimated to revolve around the sum of $ 1.2 million earned in his career in comedy since 1990 for 30 years.


Tony Barbieri net worth of $ 1.2 million


Aside from Americans, Tony is also of Italian descent. He began his career in the entertainment industry in 1990 as an actor, as Tom in Paul Ziller’s comic horror film “Pledge Night”. After a hiatus of several years, Barbieri began writing Mad Magazine’s monthly comic strip “Monroe” in 1997, which he wrote until 2010. In 1998 he was Associate Producer of the TV series “Vibe”. , while Tony began work on Comedy Central’s humorous show “The Man Show” in 1999, which he not only wrote content for, but also participated in. Several other acting and writing engagements followed, including “That’s My Bush!” TV series and the TV film “Windy City Heat”. All of these endeavors helped Tony Barbieri establish himself in the entertainment industry and also formed the basis of his fortune today.

In 2002 Tony wrote an episode of “That ’80s Show” and also began serving as a segment producer on the animated comedy series “Crank Yankers”, in which he also played voice actor in 2007. The real breakthrough in Tony Barbieri’s career began in 2003 when he became a crew member on Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV show as a writer and also portrayed the role of Jake Byrd – a warm-hearted man with a strong celebrity obsession who laughs at media attention at famous people. So convincing was his performance that he managed to trick several major news companies into believing that Jake Byrd was the real person. Tony Barbieri won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2008 for this entire commitment, and in 2013 he received a nomination for this prestigious award. It is certain that all of these engagements helped Tony Barbieri increase his earnings.

Although Tony hasn’t appeared on camera since 2011, he was one of the main content writers for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” ‘until 2016. He also appeared in “The Naughty Show” and was a part of the popular animated series “Rick and Morty”, which revived the characters of Mr. Beauregard and Uncle Steve. His most recent endeavors include writing engagements for the television comedy show “Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing” as well as providing special content for the 89th Annual Academy Awards and also the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremonies. Undoubtedly, all of these accomplishments helped Tony Barbieri grow his net worth significantly.

As for Tony Barbieri’s personal life, there is little relevant data on his personal affairs, despite having been married twice and fathering three girls from his first, 20-year marriage. He is also regularly active in social networks.

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