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Born December 19, 1969 in Huntington Station, New York, USA, Thomas James Gugliotta is a professional retired basketball player.Efforts have helped make his fortune what it is today.

How rich is Tom Gugliotta? As of the end of 2017, sources estimated a net worth of $ 38 million, mostly made from successes in professional basketball. During his career he played for numerous teams, including the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Phoenix Suns. As he continues his endeavors, his fortune is expected to continue growing.


Tom Gugliotta net worth of $ 38 million


Tom attended Walt Whitman High School and, after matriculating, went to North Carolina State University thanks to his father’s connections. He had a knee injury that prevented him from playing during his first season, but improved dramatically upon his return, earning him the First Team All-ACC award in his senior year with the team.

In 1992, Gugliotta joined the NBA Draft and was selected as the sixth overall pick by the Washington Bullets. During his rookie season, he became part of the NBA All-Rookie First Team. He played consistently throughout his NBA career, playing with the Bullets for three years, and his fortune soared when he played one season for the Golden State Warriors before joining the Minnesota Timberwolves, which was considered his time Best; he averaged 20 points per game during his three seasons with them, during which time he played with a young Kevin Garnett. In 1997 he also became an All Star. After his tenure with Minnesota, he then moved to the Phoenix Suns, where he would play for the next five years. His fortune also continued to grow thanks to these opportunities. In the latter part of the 2004 season he made a brief switch to the Utah Jazz before playing a season with the Boston Celtics. In 2005 he finished his NBA run with the Atlanta Hawks. He finished his career with 9,985 points, 5,589 rebounds and 1,000 steals.

In addition to the NBA, Gugliotta also played for the US men’s national team and was able to help them win gold at the 1999 FIBA ‚Äč‚ÄčAmericas Championship.

In his personal life, Tom is known to have married Nikki, whom he met in the state of North Carolina, and they have a daughter. In 1999, Tom had a near-death experience taking a sleeping pill because he had difficulty sleeping after games but which contained gamma-butrolactone, or GBL, which caused him to collapse and stop breathing. His wife was able to save him by calling the wife of another teammate who found the supplement bottle in Tom’s pocket. This allowed the doctors to administer an antidote when he was hospitalized.

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