This popular burger chain is giving away free food to stranded vacationers – don’t eat that

Vacation travel has never been as scary as it has been in the past two years. But one fast food chain is hoping to lessen the benefit by feeding those whose travel plans have been turned upside down for one reason or another. If you can’t fly, you might as well have a deep fryer – or several for free.

A popular airport fast food destination, Shake Shack has just announced that it is giving away free fries to anyone with a delayed or canceled flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The offer can be redeemed between December 22nd and 24th by going to the Shack location in Terminal 4 and showing proof of a canceled or delayed flight to one of the staff.

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Shack the fries
Courtesy Shake Shack

But even if you are stranded at another airport in another city, all is not lost. Just take a selfie in front of your departure gate to prove your flight is canceled or delayed, then post it on Instagram and tag @shakeshack for a chance at free Fry coupons.

“At Shake Shack, we’ve always focused on delivering uplifting experiences for our guests,” said Jay Livingston, CMO of Shake Shack, in a press release. “We know the holidays can be stressful, so we started this campaign to excite fans, especially in some of the busiest and most crowded places around the holiday – the airport. From moments of surprise and enjoyment from real life to recording and sharing content via our own channels, our goal is to spread and share joy. “

To spread the giveaway, the chain enlisted the help of New York City-based acapella group GroundStone, which recorded a Shack-ified rendition of Jingle Bells.

If you salivate at the thought of those crispy, wrinkled tubers, there is no need to pray for a flight cancellation. Even if your vacation trip goes according to plan, you can enjoy shake shack food at 21 airports around the world, including 14 in the US: Denver International Airport, Las Vegas Airport, Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and more.

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