This is the Netflix series that will break your heart!

Although thriller series aren’t really our thing since we don’t like it when our hearts are subjected to very complicated tests, the truth is that Netflix has released some very good ones that are hard to resist. Have you noticed the new series that has recently appeared on the platform? If not, take it easy because we will tell you everything!

As the title suggests, this out now series is ready to break your heart. She is nothing more and nothing less than “The Girl from Oslo”. A project full of impressive twists that will easily make our jaws drop. But what story does it really tell us?

Bomb! “Without Netflix, many would be unemployed…”

This is the Netflix series that will break your heart!

That’s why The Girl from Oslo tells the story of a Norwegian diplomat who is forced to travel to the Middle East to rely on old friends and a well-kept secret. That’s clear after your daughter was kidnapped by someone who has yet to be discovered.

Thus, the series is highly praised by the majority of Netflix users worldwide, who claim that the project is simply brutal. The problem, however, is really the nervous wreck we find ourselves in as the story moves on. Because when everything seems good and better, something always happens that completely changes the course of things. And though it is excellent, our hearts cannot bear it…

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In short, what do you think of all this? Have you watched this heartbreaking Netflix series and even liked it or didn’t even care? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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