This is how Luke fights, the final character of Season 5

After almost 6 years of receiving all types of post-launch content, the life cycle of Street fighter v it will soon come to an end. Via the developer update in early August, Capcom revealed the capabilities and release date of Oro and Akira Kazama. However, the Japanese company also took advantage of the direct frame to have a first look at the final character the fighting game will receive: Lukas.

Although the preview revealed some of his abilities, specific details about his gameplay remained a mystery. Happily, Takayuki nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto —Director and producer of Street fighter v, or – have used the latest update from the developers to bring all of Luke’s capabilities into. to reveal SFV.

What skills will Luke have? Street fighter v (SFV)?

Street Fighter V SFV Luke Season 5 DLC Character Skills V-Trigger V-Skill Launch Capcom Free Trial

In terms of his normal attacks, Luke will be one of the characters with the best range Street fighter v. Not only will your kicks cover a large space, but many of your punches will get you moving as well. Luke will also have access to some “target combinations”: Triple effect (Weak fist -> medium fist -> heavy fist) and Snapback combination (Middle fist x4).

Luke will have a wide arsenal of specials. These are Sandblaster, a long-range projectile; Ascending missile, an upturned hook reminiscent of a Shoryuken; avenger, a forward thrust that can be reversed in Not a hunter (Thrust) or Impaler (‘Overhead’); and Lightning knuckle, a stamp whose properties depend on the command used. All versions of this latest attack can be loaded.

What will Luke’s V-Skills look like in Street fighter v?

Luke’s V-Skill I: hard shot

Hard Shot (V Skill I) – When activated, Flash Knuckle is amplified so that it has the same effect as the loaded versions. However, gamers can also charge the Flash Knuckle with Hard Shot for an even stronger attack.

Street Fighter V SFV Luke Season 5 DLC Character Skills V-Trigger V-Skill Launch Capcom Free Trial
Luke’s V-Skill II: Oppressor

Oppressor (V-Skill II) – Although it may seem like a simple attack at first glance, this is a “counterattack” against Grabs. It can be canceled to perform various special moves.

What will Luke’s V-Trigger look like in Street fighter v?

Unlike the other Street Fighter characters, Luke’s V-Triggers have unique features. After you activate one, its bar turns into a V-timer. While it is consumed through use, Luke can recharge it by attacking the opponent. On the contrary, the V-Timer will empty when it receives enemy attacks. In this way, this system encourages the application of pressure to have access to more tools for creating combos. We’ll explain them below.

Luke’s V-Trigger I: Fully armed

Fully armed (V-Trigger I) – When activated, Luke gets access to two trains: Rock smasher, three projectiles in a row similar to Sand Blaster, and Thermobaric Thrash. This projectile burst can only be executed directly after the EX version of Sand Blaster.

Street Fighter V SFV Luke Season 5 DLC Character Skills V-Trigger V-Skill Launch Capcom Free Trial
Luke’s V-Trigger II: Vanguard

Vanguard (V-Trigger II) – Allows you to cancel your Flash Knuckle to create a different type of Flash Knuckle. By combining this V-Trigger with the V-Skill I, impressive combos are possible.

When is Luke coming? SFV?

Luke comes to Street fighter v on November 29, 2021. Season 5 Character Pass owners will be able to download it when it becomes available. It can also be purchased independently for real money or FM 100,000, the in-game currency.

Promotions and free trial of SFV

Street Fighter V SFV Luke Season 5 DLC Character Skills V-Trigger V-Skill Launch Capcom Free Trial

Before Luke comes to the game, PlayStation 4 users can get a free trial of. download Street fighter v (SFV). It will be available through November 29th and will give access to all characters from the first four seasons of Capcom’s fighting game.

Further, Street fighter v has several discounts on PlayStation Store and Steam:

  • Street fighter v – 60% discount
  • SFV: Champion Edition – 35% discount
  • Upgrade package SFVCE – 40% discount

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for PS4 and Steam.

Source: Street Fighter V Fall Update

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