These Netflix series have been canceled! Fans do not forgive …

As you may know, there are series that come to Netflix that are sometimes extraordinary, instantly successful. However, this poses a problem that this success is sometimes short-lived, which in turn results in not all parts of the project achieving the desired profitability. After all, not all projects like La Casa de Papel or Squid Game can be that in the end conquer the whole world. So we canceled many projects with potential out of nowhere.

So the list of rejections is long, and Netflix doesn’t seem to care much about it. This is because … We are reaching a point where the queen of streaming seems to be more concerned with cash flow than user preferences. But which series deserves another season?

“The Rock”, Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise on Netflix? Read this!

These Netflix series have been canceled! Fans do not forgive …

The Pile (Netflix)

A group of young people are investigating many supernatural cases. This is clear, with the brilliant help of the great Dr. Watson and the brilliant Sherlock Holmes. Even if the first season was nothing special from the point of view of the views. We still thought it deserved more content …

V Wars (Netflix)

When a major epidemic turns people into bloodthirsty demons, friendly relationships can really be compromised. This is because the main goal is not only to be within yourself when infected, but also to save all of humanity.

DayBreak (Netflix)

Can you imagine what it would be like to find the girl of your dreams during a zombie apocalypse? Then this teenager will do whatever it takes to find her. It is clear to overcome many obstacles that will make life very difficult …

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In short, what do you think of the cancellation of these series? I can say I’ve seen them all and they deserve more content than just one season. What really counts, however, are the new projects that will soon arrive on the platform.

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