These are the best movies you can see on Netflix right now!

While we have only just started 2022, which is January, and the holidays and free time are over, the truth of the matter is nothing like enjoying some of the best movies currently available on Netflix when you take a break. After all, for example, I work practically every day. But I always spend my nights with great movie nights!

So we’ve made a list of some of the best Netflix movies that you should really bet on. After all, they are all really brutal and will be able to give you great moments of entertainment. But check out our suggestions below.

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These are the best movies you can see on Netflix right now!

Tick ​​… Tick … Boom (Netflix)

A 30-year-old artist must try to create a great masterpiece that will get his name known before it’s too late. The problem, however, is that he has to deal with friendship, love and even the people around him at the same time …

The Power of the Dog (Netflix)

An authoritarian rancher is forced to go to war with his brother’s new wife and teenage son. That is clear until hidden secrets are revealed and the course of things changes completely.

Identity (Netflix)

In the 1920s, a black woman in New York feels completely bottomless when she meets a childhood friend. Because she seems to be hiding her true identity and pretends to be white. When your skin is really dark …

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In short, these are the top 3 best movies you should really enjoy right now. That will be clear if you find some time for it …

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