These are the abilities of Neon, the electrifying new agent of Valorant

Recently had revealed information about the new champion of League of Legends. Riot Games later officially hired its new agent for. before Valorant Named after Neon, he shared his list of his skills today. Oddly enough, they both share a very similar conceptual theme: a girl who uses guns and manipulates electricity at will.

With everything and by chance, the company announced this character along with an advertising trailer. In this, You can see a little of her skills, personality, and recent friendship with Sage.

One strange fact about this agent is that Riot confirmed that neon is of Filipino descent. This can also be seen in some of the items he used to decorate his room in the promo video. One of them is a ‘Walis Tambo’, a typical broom used in Filipino homes.

What are the capabilities of neon?

Neon works with an energy meter that applies its capabilities. These consume energy that is recharged slowly or with losses:

  • E – full throttle: Neon saves its guns to run fast. If you have any cargo left over, you can use the secondary fire to slide. The slide charge is automatically recharged after two kills.
  • F – relay explosion: Neon fires a beam of energy that strikes once. Every time it touches a surface, the ground beneath it becomes electrified and can stun an enemy if they enter that area. It is used to shoot walls to reach hidden enemies.
  • C – fast lane– The agent builds a channel of two walls of electricity that block the view and cause damage to enemies if they choose to walk through them (similar to those used by Phoenix and Viper).
  • X – overload: Neon channels all of its energy into a beam that shoots from its fingers. It can be used while running and its duration recharges with every kill.

When will Agent Neon be released in Valorant?

Neon comes with episode 4 of. released Valorant, to be precise on January 11, 2022.

Source: Riot Games

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