There is already a handheld massager while you are sitting at the PC!

If you’re like me and spend your life in front of the PC, whether working or playing, you have probably dreamed of a masseuse who is always ready to get your pulse in order while relieving all the tension of the mere complication that is the one human hand.

Well then … this reality is not that far away! Interested?

There is already a handheld massager while you are sitting at the PC!


So if you thought 2021 was a strange year, we now have an automatic massager that can be mounted right next to your keyboard and mouse for immediate relief. We’re talking about a product that was designed as a PC peripheral as it was even designed and produced by a Japanese team specializing in gaming equipment (Bauh├╝tte).

How does this work?

Well, very briefly, this product tries to simulate the “feeling” of a real massage with 15 heated air cushions. Also serves as a warm-up exercise for a game session or for breaks to improve blood flow to the hand and avoid such uncomfortable tendon problems as carpal tunnel syndrome.

In short, it is a very interesting device that I am either very wrong about or we will see it in esports tournaments whether it is useful or not. (Can you imagine an opposing team taking control of this device? To use it to give a more “energetic” massage to the most famous player on the same team !? It’s a “break-a-leg” on top driven!)

In terms of price, however, this device is only available in Japan at a price of around 150 euros.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? Interesting? Or just stupid? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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