The Xbox app for PC tells you whether or not you can play a particular game

Have you ever had the opportunity to buy a game, put the code on the platform, download it, continue with the installation and end up playing nothing because your PC is a snail? Well, the Xbox app for Windows has little big news that could take some of that pain out of your life.

The Xbox app for PC tells you whether or not you can play a particular game

Xbox app

Therefore, the “new” Xbox App for Windows will let users know whether the game they are looking for can be played on the system on which the app is running.

It’s a simple but very welcome feature that is currently only available to Xbox Insiders.

How does this work?

Well, if you go to Forza Horion 5 or Doom Eternal, you will see positive messages like “This PC should run fine on this PC” or negative messages like “Not performing well”. For the vast majority of games on the platform, however, there is still no defined classification. What is normal in the end is a ‘work in progress’ for the Microsoft website.

Unfortunately, we also have no idea what “should run fine on your PC” means. Is that a maximum of 1080p? 60 FPS? 120FPS? Some kind of clarification is needed from Microsoft.

Basically, it’s all very simple, after all, the Xbox app game sites already have the minimum and recommended requirements. A small comparison with the system components in question is therefore not too difficult for Microsoft.

Besides, what do you think of all of this? It is a good idea? This will definitely help more distracted users or beginners. In the world of enthusiasts, however, it won’t be worth much.

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